H10N: JL11 or JJ11?

Just bought a LG-GSA H10N and updated the firmware JL11.

Someone mentioned another firmware JJ11 from Hitachi for H10N. What are the differences and which is better?

plenty of discussion about that in these topics:
and the LG DVD FAQ

Thanks. Lots of info in those threads. Looks to me that most members here applied TBD’s JJ11 to their H10N.

According to TBD’s site, JJ11 is still in beta section so I will wait until it’s moved into the working section. Hope I do not have to wait too long…

you’re welcome.
if you read those topics you’ll see lot’s of people had really good results with JJ11.
i don’t think you have anything to worry about, i’d just go ahead and use it.
but only if you feel the need for the extras JJ11 gives you.
since you can remove the riplock with MCSE, and since JL11 is a (little bit) newer, i don’t see much point in going JJ11. only if you must have the UDMA4 and auto-bitsetting.

You don’t have to wait - you can use original JJ firmware, but the method of crossflashing is a bit risky. It’s up to you.

I bought the H10N yesterday and it was quite easy to flash the firmware to JL11. I just executed the binary and that’s all.

Is there any special way to flash JJ11?

The beta section is like purgatory, it might be a while. We only tend to moving things out when we decide to clean up the page. Everything posted on the page has a pretty high level of confidence before it arrives there.

Given others have had success with what’s already up there we’d assume it’s still going to be good, unless there is some bit rot.

And yes they flash in just the same way as stock firmwares do.

Brother Vlad

There isn’t if you use TDB’s patched firmware.
I have used their firmwares and never had, nor heard that someone had any problems. So it’s quite safe, actually.

I tried to download TBD’s jj11 from the link http://tdb.rpc1.org/#GSAH10N.

I tried many times and everytime it said “Cannot connect to database”.

I have the same issue with IE 6. Give Firefox a try, works for me.:slight_smile:

You are right Firefox did the trick. Thanks.

Now I see 2 files: JJ11Auto.exe and JJ11rpc1.exe. Which one (or both) should I execute?

one of the two.
read the very first paragraph on TDB’s page…

Both will make your drive region free but each does it a different way. Choose either one, depending on what is most suitable for your needs :

JJ11Auto.exe (Auto Reset firmware)
Drive still has a region code attached to it and you have to change the region code of the drive depending on the region code of the disc you play. However, once you reboot (or in some cases switch off the system and switch it on again) your system, the number of changes you have goes back to 4. So in a sense, you can change region codes infinitely.

  • needs no special software
  • most suitable for people who just watch DVD movies casually on their systems

JJ11rpc1.exe (RPC1 firmware)
Your drive no longer has a region code and is truly region free. However, you need to run something like DVD Genie (easy to find in Google and freeware) because Windows and your DVD playing software still have region protection in them which must be defeated by the use of this software.

  • needs special software (but freeware)
  • most suitable for people who rip DVD movie discs
  • will of course will still work for casually watching movies.

LG DVD Writer FAQ. From [B]13.[/B] downwards

EDIT: I see karranguni was quicker. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Now I understand RPC1 and RPC2.

I will probably use JJ11rpc1.exe. I do not usually watch movies on my PC.

Hi, just got the H10N a few days ago. Checked different firmwares and the JJ11 seemed the best. But i have decided to go back to the original JL11 firmware for personal preferance. When i run the JL11 firmware flasher it doesnt detect the drive at all and i cannot re-flash the drive. It only detects it if i attempt to flash it to JJ11 again.

So how can i flash it back to the JL firmware please, IF POSSIBLE !! :confused:


correct if I’m wrong anyone, but if you want to go back to the original LG Firmware


and download the JL11 Windows (RPC1 and Auto-Reset) and flash it. And then go grab the Original JL11 Firmware from LG and reflash if you want to be back to Original unmodified LG firmware.

I think that the TDB firmwares ignore what type of model drive you have and thats why you would be able to go from JJ11 to JL11.

I may be wrong, I have not tried going back to Original JL11 from LG but I have gone back to JL11 (TDB) for testing purposes.

aqs2k, thanks for the reply.

I went to TDB web page and downloaded the JL11 patch. This time it worked and recongised my dvd drive and allowed the flash. It was also no problem flashing back to the original LG firmware. I will do some more testing soon as i didnt really get anything extra from the hitachi JJ11 firmware.

Nice one aqs2k , and thanks again. :clap: :clap: :bow:

There are some differences in media code support. I think JL11 supports 5 more new media codes than JJ11. I don’t recall which ones exactly, but dodecahdron posted the information about it in one of the threads here, so a search should turn that up.

JJ11’s most notable differences are UDMA4 (but this probably isn’t a big difference to you) and auto-bitsetting.

correct. here it is: