H10N, H10L or H20L ? Or maybe

Hi everyone!

I’m currently looking for a dvd burner to buy. I noticed on this site the excellent review for the lg h10n, and although I had been looking the nec way (4571 etc) I thought I should give LG a shot. So, what’s the deal here? Which is the latest/best LG dvd burner ? Cause I thought H10N was and then I found H10L, H20L were also in the market…Also there are some others of the 416* series,that cost more (around here at least…I’m from Greece). Are they newer/better or is it something else ? And more importantly : Which one should I buy? I think I’ll be using TY GOLD if that is of importance here (they’re good, no?). I kind of like the idea of Lightscribe but I wouldn’t trade any burn quality for this feature.Is the H20L newer and if so, is it tested/reviewed? Should I go for this one ? Or maybe the 4571? OK, I’ll stop with the questions. Thanks in advance!

It’s a bit of a long story but I will try to keep it brief :

[li]the H10x and H20x models are the newest and have the latest features
[/li][li]the 416x series are slightly older models, no idea why they cost more there
[/li][li]LG uses two different chipsets for its writers, Panasonic and Renesas, hence the two different new model ranges, H10x (Renesas) and H20x (Panasonic).
[/li][li]Both ranges are decent but the H10x range probably has the edge slightly, all around
[/li][li]The H10N has very good burn quality, particularly at 16x
[/li][li]The H10L is simply a H10N with lightscribe. You don’t have to compromise burn quality at all to get lightscribe capability
I’ve seen scans of burns from NEC’s 45xx series of writers and I don’t think they can compare in terms of burn quality with the H10x series of writers, especially at 16x. There are a few threads here with quality scans of burns from the H10x series of writers, so I’d invite you to have a look for yourself.

I think H10L ist in fact an H10A with LightScribe by looking at the specifications from BestBuy. I know that the hardware is the same internally, but the H10A has some firmware limitations. Flashing the H10L to a H10N would “disable” the LS function.

the H10A is the most “basic” drive.
the H10N is identical to the H10A but has faster reading/writing speeds for some types of media.
the H10L is identical to the H10N with the addition of LightScribe.

And then how come that H10L has the same specifications as H10A?

LightScribe requires additional hardware which (AFAIK) only the H10L has.

You don’t get the point obviously.

i don’t know why you think the H10L has the same specs as the H10A.
it doesn’t.
specs for the H10L you can find here.
moreover the hardware of H10A and H10L isn’t identical, since the H10L has the hardware required for LightScribe which the H10A doesn’t. apart from this they’re apparently identical hardware.

Hmm… If you look on BestBuy, you’ll see that it writes DVD-RAM at 5x for example:


That’s why I thought it would be the LS version of H10A.

lhstes, i have the H10L, like it very much and can recommend it.
it’s identical to the H10N (+ LightScribe) which was reviewed both here and at cdrlabs.com, so you can read the reviews if you like. i don’t know of reviews of the H20N/L.

H20L is not an option for me because it doesn’t use the Renesas chip. Anyways, thanks for the clarification. Now I only have to find this unit in Germany… None of the shops I tried have it - only H10A/N or H20L. :frowning:

well lots of inaccurate info there.
you’ll get more accurate info if you click on the enlarged pic of the box! :bigsmile: :eek:

Usually it shows up in EMEA (the backyard of innovation) after a few months.

Damn, why didn’t I think of looking at the box? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much for your replies. They certainly helped me a lot. I’m looking into firmware and tools available for LGs (as I come from liteon and have some standards :wink: ) but I think I’ll go for the H10L in the end.

Does lightscribe capability disturb burn quality?
On www.lightscribe.com it is said it shouldn’t.

Nope it doesn’t. Here is one user who has both the H10N and the H10L and compared burn quality between the two :


Hi Karangguni. As I am the owner of the 2 drives, I have done some extensive testing on both of them. As I have concluded that the H10L will give identical results as the H10N. The two scans that you mention shows that the 10L has a little higher totals on both PIE and PIF. This was the result of the 10L being on the same controller with another drive while the 10N was by itself. What I have found is that for some reason, if these drives are connected to 2 seperate raid controllers, the burn times are reduced by 15-20 seconds at 16x and PIE and PIF totals are lower. Not sure why, but this is what I have found.Overall, both drives produce excellent burns at 16x. You will not be disappointed with either one.

Thanks Karangguni four your info.

I wanted to say that excesiv usage of lightscribe could possible affect the laser life and cality … I mean what if every cd\dvd that I write is lightscribe capable and I use it with lightscribe function enabled. Every time I write something I’ll “lightscribe” that media. Could that be dangerous?

dangerous four unit life