H10n: Dvd-rw

I bought a new LG H10N yesterday. I burnt a few DVD (DVD+R) and they were great. Somehow I could not burn in DVD-RW disc.

This was the first time I use DVD-RW. Do I have to format the DVD-RW first or is there anything I have to do before I can copy files ?

In Windows Explorer, the DVD drive shows “DVD-RAM Drive” but when I insert the DVD-RW, it changes into “CD Drive”.

The disc I am using is Verbatim DVD+RW.

This part is normal for Windows to show as a CD Drive with a +R disc inserted in the drive. It is odd that you can’t burn a DVD+RW disc. What burning software are you using and what error does it give you?

I can burn using Nero (Make data CD). But I cannot do cut-and-paste or drag files in Windows Explorer.

you’re not supposed to be able to do that.
doing that is what’s called “packet writing”.
you need to install a packet-writing program in order to do that.
one such program is Nero’s InCD.
in any case packet writing is often problematic, many people have problems with it, and many consider it risky.

OK I see. Thanks.

I was thinking that it should work like a CD-RW. I cannot remember, maybe it was Roxio’s Drag-to-Disc in my PC that enable this function.

DragToDisc is another packet-writing program, by Roxio.
if you have it installed you should be able to DragNDrop to DVDRW discs too, just like you did with CDRWs.
just be sure you haev an up-to-date version that supports your drive.

Great. I understand now. When I turned on Rixo Drag-to-Disc, I can now move files into the DVD.

Someone said earlier that this packet-writing method is not reliable. Can you please elaborate?

  1. sudden data loss. suddenly the disc becomes unreadable, can’t read the data off it.
  2. lockups while writing to the disc. sometimes the system locks up. sometimes the disc cannot be ejected unless powered down. etc. sometimes afterwards the data cannot be read off the disc.
  3. when writing new data to the disc, the previous “old” data is gone.
  4. various strange system problems due to incompatibilities between the packet writing software and other software installed on the computer.
  5. blue screens.

i used DirectCD 4 for quite a while (a few months) an a computer in the univ to transfer data to my home computer, worked very well.
later when i got a CDRW drive i tried InCD on my home computer and got BSODs. that’s when i gave up on packet writing (which i really liked).

OTOH many people use packet writing successfully with no problems and like it very much.
it’s up to you.

Since your drive is DVD-RAM capable, why not just use DVD-RAM discs since like the convenience of packet writing? These discs are made specifically for packet writing and you can do drag to disc directly in WinXP without any additional drivers. You can also use Panasonic’s DVD-RAM drivers. Neither of these options suffer from the problems stated above. There are also certain safeguards written into the specs for DVD-RAM to deal with data loss/corruption during writing.

Btw, your drive can handle 12x DVD-RAM discs, but these seem to be virtually impossible to get hold of outside Japan. So if you do go for the DVD-RAM option, look for 5x discs instead.