H10N + Daxon AZ3 16X troubles

G’day all :slight_smile:

A few days ago I bought the LG H10N drive, since its supposed to be great with Daxon AZ3 media. Ive got 600 of these discs here so I thought this would be the way to go :slight_smile:

Unfortunately burning the discs doesnt quite go as expected. First results were terrible, but fixable by using a new Firmware. Currently I use the JL11 RPC1 version.

However there still are a few problems: Buffer-underrun is used a lot. Hell, get a faster PC is probably the first idea. But that should not be needed. My HDD’s all do 50+MB/sec:

Plus, CPU load is (and stays) low while burning.

Still, this is the resulting burn:

As you can see: From 14X and up the buffer goes down. A buffer-underrun occurs, and the drive continues at 12X. How is that possible if the HDD’s can spit their data at 50+MB/sec? And CPU is still low… :slight_smile:

Anybody any idea what might be wrong here?

Are source and target drive on different IDE cables ?
Is the source disk defragmentated ?

Yes, the HDD’s are connected to a Promise Raidcard, the writer is connected to the mainboard IDE port (master).

The drive is connected with a 80-lines ATA cable, however it runs at UDMA2. Which is 33MB/sec. Should I be worried here? 33MB/sec should theoretically be enough for 16X writing, right?

I didnt run the defrag tool, however Nero shows that even while its fragmentated it still is able to do 50MB/sec…so that can hardly be the problem i think? But i’ll defrag the drive tonight, to be sure, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Promise controller typically doesn’t fare well with optical drives. I’m surprised you were able to burn a disc from the LG. Just to be sure it isn’t the drive, can you connect the LG to an onboard IDE channel and try the burn again? Otherwise, you may try to flash an ATAPI/IDE BIOS to the Promise card if available and/or supported.

As stated above it seems that he has the burner on the motherboard ide port and the hd’s on the promise controller.I think this drive should be running at UDMA 4 if I am correct. Make sure that you are using the standard Microsoft drivers for your ide port. They seem to give better results and cause less problems. Also since you have voided your warranty by using a RPC1 firmware, you may want to try the JJ11 firmware which seems to give better results IMO.

Doh, you’re right, I can’t read. :doh:

JL** firmwares only support UDMA2 whereas JJ** firmwares support UDMA4.

Thanks for the help guys!

The JJ11 firmware solved the problem! Initially I thought that this firmware was slightly older than the JL11 one, but it does seem to burn at the same quality…but now at UDMA4 :slight_smile:

So the buffer-problem is solved, thanks a lot :slight_smile: