H/W required for uncompressed avi capture



I have an Athlon 1700 overclockable to a 2600, 80 gb WD JB drive and plan on using a Leadtek tv2000 expert. Is this adequate to capture avi w/o dropping frames? Source will be VHS or cable TV.



Yes it should be but if your capturing as uncompressed avi, then you will not fit much on your 80gb HD.


do yourself a favour;stop thinkign about “uncompressed”.
use huffyuv (lossless compression) or mjpeg(lossy, but looks quite nice) to cap to .avi…

your system specs are adequate…
i was capping with celeron600 to 768x576@25fps…
without drops, offcourse…


Yea, go with huffyuv.