H&d2 code help please

Hey guys

I’m a Tech Virgin and need some serious help…

I bought Hidden and Dangerous2 with the Sabre Squad Expansion pack, but i can’t seem to find the CODE on the disc.
All the files have been erased from my laptop so there is no way to get it back.
I don’t really want to buy it again just for the code.
Is there any other way to source the code?


With games, sometimes the code is stamped on the manual or other paperwork. Have you looked there?

I have checked another sorce on the net, got the same codes.

It should work/ the game was released with those two keys.


[B]@MarcoXP:[/B] please do NOT supply serial codes on this forum. You obviously need to re-read the rules you signed up to.

Consider this a formal warning. :cop:

I am sorry about that.:bow:

It is Always so that we never read the terms/

And I could speak for many if I say that we are so used to hurry everything up in a day to day life that we sometimes don’t look at the important basics of what we entered to.

mY baD.