H.265 Encoder enabled in TDMore DVD & Blu-ray Converters



Hello, guys, it’s time to show you the new technology, TDMore DVD Converter and Blu-ray Converter has got H.265 Encoder enabled, which allowing Blu-ray/DVD to H.265 MP4 & MKV video conversion. According to our test, the output file size may be reduced by up to 57%. And the video quality is the same or even higher. It may take longer time to convert DVD or Blu-ray to H.265 video. But it is a chance to reduce the video file size with the same quality.
H.265 Encoder may meet the needs for those who would like to get H.265 videos. If you have any problems or you would like to share any ideas, please feel free to leave a message here.


Now that is something that is worth trying, I am tempted to get the trial version and give it a go.


I already used the three for the trial of the TDMore DVD Converter on my Vista OS.
I will have to see if it will give me 3 more on the XP OS .
Same computer different hard drives.
I was testing & didn’t want the h265 for those as I was sure it would increase the time. I don’t beleive I have anything but my computer that will play h265 .


Cholla, how was the image quality? also how much slower h.265 is when it comes to h.264?


I haven’t tested with h265 yet.
As above I already used the 3 conversions the trial allows.
I plan to install the trial on my XP OS & see how it goes with a h265 conversion.
If it gives me another trial that way.
I expect it will be a good deal slower.
My main computer is not that fast .
Just a dual core AMD 64 3800+ .


I would have done a h265 conversion but when I installed TDMore DVD Converter on XP it showed 0 more times. So it counted the times I had used it on Vista.
I think this is due to the unique computer ID.
It almost has to be that because XP Pro & Vista are on separate hard drives have separate registries & this computer isn’t dual boot.
I use F12 when I want to boot to the XP Pro hard drive .
It automatically boots to Vista otherwise.

I gave it a try on my laptop but the time for conversion is longer than I will let my laptop work on it. I let it work on it for an hour to let the estimated time stabilize. At that point it still estimated 14 hours to complete.


Thank you for the info, I will give it a try later, first i need to finish a few other tasks and also select carefully the files that I want to convert since they will be mainly test files for my media player and my TV.
Both of them probably want be able to play them but it’s good to have them as a future reference just in case there is a small option for an upgrade on the media player of the TV.


[QUOTE=vroom;2737598]Thank you for the info, I will give it a try later.[/QUOTE]

Welcome to try TDMore Software and we will not let you down.
Share your experience or suggestion after trial in the TDMore Software Forum, you will have chance to win the iPad mini or Amazon gift card.
you can post your entry in a new thread with the title, [vroom Contest Entry], it’s really that easy!
Don’t hesitate to contact us if there is any question.:slight_smile:


@ vroom , If you create a small test DVD folder maybe 5 minutes long.
Then the conversion to h265 would take a lot less time .
You could then test your media player & TV.

For me conversion to h265 is something for computers with fast processors like the i7 & maybe even an ivy bridge version of that.

It is a format for the future when I get a faster computer ,TV that can use it, & media player ,etc that also will.


@ vroom , I did a couple of conversions with h265 & posted the results in my thread .
I could only play them on my PC .
I used VLC player & the picture quality was very good.