H.264 vs. mpeg-4



I was just wondering what the comparison was for video bitrates using these 2 codecs. I’ve found that they produce quite different picture quality (when viewed on my iPod.) For example, a 1500 kbps h.264 is clearly worse (in my eyes) than a 1900 mpeg-4. I can easily see the difference. Does anybody know what the comparison is between the bitrates? Which h.264 bitrate = which mpeg-4 bitrate? I was under the impression that h.264 gave the same video quality at half the bitrate of mpeg-4. Thank you.


Apple devices (even Apple TV) do not support advanced compression options of the AVC/H.264 standard. Bitrate is not most important factor in image quality, compression options & source complexity are main factors. In my own testing, AVC is far superior to my eyes at reasonable filesize compared to MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile codecs.