GWA-4164B won't read!

Ok ,here’s the problem . My HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GWA-4164B isn’t reading any disks and the DVD/ROM icon in ‘‘My Computer’’ doesn’t exist either.
But when I checked the Device Manager it was there and had a “!” icon besides it. When i checked the reason why it wasn’t working it said something like this " A driver for this device has been inactivated. It is possible that another driver is performing the function that is needed. (Code 32)"

You can still put in and eject CD’s but it won’t read. I’ve tried to uninstall the device and then reinstall but it doesn’t make any difference.

Unfortunately i can’t reinstall Windows because it wont read anything (I use Windows XP Home Edition).

I am suspecting that this has something with Daemon Tools to do , but I’m not sure , because these virtuall drives aren’t working either . I also noticed that one of the virtuall drives is named ( D: ) which is supposed to be my DVDROM (?) . I tried to uninstall D-Tools but the virtuall drives are still there. Might be because i forgot to disable them when i uninstalled D-Tools the first time.

Anyway I’ve been struggling with this problem for 2 days straight now.
I would really appreciate all the help i can get!

Btw : Sorry for my bad English , i live in Sweden. :slight_smile:

Try to replace the IDE cable and connect just your LG drive.
Can you boot from a bootable cd ?

Ok , do i need to open up the computer to do this or is it just the cables in the back? If i do this I’m afraid I can’t leave my computer back to the store if open it and then it turns out broken and no I can’t read from a bootable CD.

Any other suggestions?

Look at this thread!