GWA-4164B DVD-RW -Lagging play back

when i try to play a DVD on my computer it lag…badly. the DVD is brand new and has no scratches at all. the DVD player can read DVD-data, CD-ROM and can burn fine. ive try both powerDVD and WMP and both have the same results. i also have several movies saved on the HDD in DVD quality (optained leagly) and i can play thouse fine… ive already uninstalled and reinstalled the DVD rom in safe mode… also i called TS for my compute4r and they wanted me to reinstall windows… im trying to look at all other options before i do that

Make sure DMA is enabled.


By the way, there’s a known firmware update too solving VCD/DVD playback issues :

i didnt think to look at HPs site, its a eMachines computer… also i hace it set to DMA if avalible but it still says PIO mode… im downloading the firmware now

Before upgrading firmware, you must correct PIO mode.

In the Peripherals manager, choose ATA/ATAPI IDE controler and uninstall the good one (PIO) and reboot. It will be detected again in UDMA mode 2 after reboot.

ive already done that 2 times

Check you BIOS settings maybe…

nm, i reread that… uninstalled and it reconized the DVD-rom as DMA mode 2 and my CD-ROM and muli-word DMA mode 2 (creative 52X) also ran the firmware update work better than ever… it did take me like 2 and a half hours to back up a DVD, not its down to 30 min THANX!!!

I have the exakt same problem with the same dvd burner, but when I’m trying to install the firmware it says:
“Your system is not configured with this drive. It does not need to be updated”
Any ideas?

What firmware?
Don’t forget that GSA and GWA drives use different firmwares.
GSA is retail, all others not.

My modell is: GWA-4164B, isnt the firmware for that one?

The firmware from this link:

This is a problem that sometimes happens when trying to use firmware for OEM LG writers from a different OEM. The firmware update program does a check on the drive to make sure it is the right model before it attempts to flash it. The way it does that is to retrieve the device name of the drive, typically something like “HLDS GWA-4164B”. The trouble is, some OEMs use a slightly different device name for their LG writers, something like “HL-DS-T-GWA-4164B”, for example. The firmware update program is looking for a different name, so it thinks you don’t have the right drive.

There are two things you can try :

  1. The safe option - look for firmware for your writer from a different source. The best source would be the OEM company you bought the writer from. Don’t bother looking for firmware from LG directly - they don’t provide firmware updates for OEM GWA models.

  2. The dangerous method - it may be possible to use a hex editor to edit the firmware update program and change the name of the writer it is looking for to match yours. I have no idea if this will work and there is a chance you can kill your drive. Chances are that will also void your warranty, so if you screw up, kiss the drive goodbye.

GWA 4164B?

Not seen any firmware for this drive yet.