GWA-4164b bitsetting?

i have a gwa-4164b in a dell machine. if i crossflash with gsa-4166 will it give me bitsetting capabilities? I need to use my gwa-4164b to burn a dvd-rom book type, is it possible?

It may be possible to cross flash the GWA-4164B to a GSA-4166B. It has worked for some people and given problems for others. There was a recent thread on it within the last month. Do a search in this forum section for “4164 4166 crossflash”.

Curiously though, does the GWA-4164B not support bitsetting already?

Edit : ahh ok, I see you’ve found the thread in question already. There was really no need to post the same thing in two separate threads. It’s going to confuse people trying to help you as they have to follow updates in two different places. Try not to do that in the future.