Gwa 4163b

Can someone tell me teh diffrence between GWA 4163b and GSA with the same digits…
They have the same rom-version originally. Is it possible to use a GSA firmware to a GWA unit?? For ex. A 1.04 or 1.05?

Regards, Televinken

Have you tried? Where did you find GWA-4163B?

It came with our new Fuijutsu Siemens Scaleo T. And i have not tried to put the firmware in the drive…

I just tried to put the firmware in the GWA but the program doesn´t find any drive… :confused:

GSA-4163B firmware doesn’t work even in GSA-5163D though they are 100% identical in hardware.

Ok, i have to wait for a firmware thats fit in the drive, IF there be some… :rolleyes:

Sorry for my bad english…