GWA-4161 OEM $42 Free Shipping

As above.

Forgot to post the link

Have you ever used this store?

Pretty sure it doesn’t support writing DVD-RAM, and certainly doesn’t support DVD+R DL.

Brother Vlad

I bought my Pioneer 106D from them last year (’04) in January for $115 with shipping through It was OEM and came with cables, screws, Nero software and FedEx shipping. My 106 is still going strong to this day. However, I have not used this company since then. The only reason I found out about the LG on sale is because I had signed up for their email specials. If you plan to order, you better hurry because they have something like 20 drives left. A couple of hours ago they had almost sixty. I do not endorse this store. Just thought readers might be interested. Order at your own risk.

Out of Stock.

Does it mean that 4160 also does not support abovementioned features?

I withdraw my last question to TheDangerousBros.

But information on 4161 is very contradictory. And I can not find any on LG web-site. Has somebody found official spec?

Sorry, my brother has one and it does support those features. :o

Is it a FW disabled OEM version of the 4163B?

I dont know.