GWA-4160B Burning Slow

This drive has been working perfectly at 8x, using TDK 8x discs.
Problem is, the latest batch of TDK discs is 16x, but the drive now won’t go above 4x on these discs.
Anyone else have this problem ?
H E L P !

Only a firmware update can help you with. Better use 8x instead.

What version of firmware is your drive currently using? The latest is A306, I believe. I am not sure that A306 will fix your problems, but there is no harm in trying if you are not using that version. Also, what TDK 16x discs are you having problems with, DVD+R or DVD-R?

Thanks for you answers.
The firmware I am using is A301, the discs are tdk dvd-r 16x.
Seems like the firmware is worth a try.
Do you know where I can get A306 from, and also, is it easy to do, since I haven’t changed firmware before.

By the way, it’s an OEM drive, from a Fujitsu-Siemens pc.

Sorry, I just realised you have a GWA-4160B not a GSA-4160B. The firmware I mentioned was for the GSA (retail) model. It does not work with the GWA version.

You’re going to have to look at Fujitsu-Siemen’s support webpages to look for firmware updates for that drive. LG doesn’t support OEM versions (which are different from it’s retail ones) with firmware. It expects the OEM companies to do it.

Hi Karangguni !
Are you sure that the LG firmware will not work, since the numbering system looks the same.
If that IS the case, I think it’ll be a struggle to get anything from Siemens.
I’ll try emailing them anway.

The numbering system is the same but the drives are different. Your GWA-4160B has no DVD-RAM support. The GSA-4160B does. People have tried flashing GWA drives with GSA firmware before. The update program just refused to update the drive.

You can give it a try if you want.

Your other option would be to see if some other OEM manufacturer pre installed the same drive model on their systems. They might have firmware updates. Unfortunately, I don’t really know where to look for that sort of thing, maybe

Thankyou for your answers.
By-the-way, my OEM drive DOES read DVD-RAM discs.
Never tried writing to one though. Maybe give it a try later.

The OEM drives from LG have no DVD-RAM write support, only the retail ones named GSA.

I think some GWA models will read DVD-RAM discs, but not all. However, GWA models won’t write to DVD-RAM discs, as chef pointed out.

ok…if anyone else has the same problem…I have found the answer to my problem, and this DEFINATELY works…
You can update the GWA-4160B - A301 firmware with the newest GSA-4160B - A306 firmware from this site…
This restores the record speed of TDK x16 discs to x8.
Anyone else updating their firmware is reminded that you should shut down virus-scanners and anything else that could interrupt your PC, prior to flashing. Also, the IDE lead to the drive should not be shared and the drive should be configured as PRIMARY.
Thanks for your answers and thanks to Fujitsu-Siemens for their fast response.

This is rather interesting. That firmware is actually from Buffalo. You may have found the only up to date support for a GWA LG drive I’ve ever known.

Curiously, in windows device manager, is your drive now called a GSA-4160B or is it still a GWA-4160B?

Still GWA-4160B…A306
According to Device Manager.
Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem.

Cool. Ok, here is Buffalo’s download page :

Their equivalent of the GSA-4160B is the DVSM-D5816. That list of downloads includes both updates to bundled software as well as firmware pretty much jumbled together. Everything is listed chronologically according to release date. All you have to do when looking for new versions of firmware for your drive is to check this page once in a while and look for DVSM-D5816 on it. The releases that are firmware downloads will say something like “Ver.A30x”.

Since the firmware you used actually came from here (CDRinfo just directly linked to Buffalo’s servers), we know that you can get newer versions of firmware for your drive here.

Also, Buffalo has OEM versions of the GSA-4120B and the GSA-4163B as well. Seeing as their GSA-4160B firmware worked on your GWA drive, these may also work with GWA-4120B and GWA-4163B drives. I’m bookmarking this page in case anyone asks about GWA firmware again. You may just have helped a lot more people than you know! :slight_smile:

My Japanese isn’t too good.
Have you worked out a cross-reference ?

My Japanese is non-existant :wink: I simply looked at the list and realised the firmware version numbers looked familiar to me. So I clicked on those links. Inside the links is mentioned the LG drives which the Buffalo equivalents are based on. For example, the link to Buffalo’s page for A306 firmware for the DVSM-D5816 (the firmware you used) :

mentions GSA-4160B. That is how I figured out what original drive those Buffalo drives corresponded to. I also checked the equivalent links for the other Buffalo models which correspond to the 4120B and 4163B.

I forgot to mention that the original page I gave you the link to shows the firmware relased in 2006. At the bottom of that page are links to firmware pages for earlier years (the year numbers are in english). If you are wondering where I got the link above from, it’s from the 2005 page.

ok…i’kk sign off on this one now :wink:

Their 4120/4160 firmwares are identical to the official LG firmwares, the 4163 firmware differs in the flasher and two bytes in the firmware.