Today I received a notebook Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro 2030, and it has a built in DVD-RW drive, LG GWA 4082N. I don’t know nothing about this drive, in my Compaq Evo I have a NEC ND 6650, and in my desktop also a NEC drive.
Without offending anybody, I heard that LG drives are not realy good ones. Can you please tell me something about this drive I own now? I see no firmware updates, reviews etc. (It looks like that I can’t change the optical drive in the Amilo).
Any comments are welcome!


This is supposedly a new DVD and supposedly from LG. I searched all over the net but could not find a frmware for it yet.

I’ve been over to and there is not mention of this DVD drive.


LG writers with GWA in the model are all OEM ones. Unlike other manufacturers, LG has a strange policy with OEM drives :

First, they aren’t the same as retail ones (GSA models). Usually, they have no DVD-RAM support, whereas the GSA models do.

Second, LG doesn’t sell these OEM models itself, at least not to my knowledge. This is why you won’t find any information on the drives on LG’s webpages. There is some debate as to whether the GWA drives that sometimes pop up on the market come directly from LG or from the OEMs themselves.

Third, they are made for the OEM companies and no firmware support is provided by LG. LG expects the OEM companies to provide firmware updates for the drives. So you won’t be able to find any firmware updates from LG. You’re going to have to look at Fujitsu for those.

My guess is that your drive is the OEM notebook version of the GSA-4082B, minus DVD-RAM write support. Here is a review of that drive :

Thanx for your help! I did a couple of burnes with this LG drive, but as neither this nor my NEC 6650 doens’t support PI/PO scanning, I will have to wait until I get to my desktop PC, there I can test my burnes.
I burned Verbatim -R (Pearl White) 8X with CMC MAG. AE1 (which are not the best ones) and a few PrimeDisc -R 8X with Ritek G05. Will see the results and post them here ASAP.

Still, my NEC burnes these mid-quality Verbatims around 85-86% DVD-Speed results, so quite satisfied.

You never know, really. My LG GSA-4163B burns CMC MAG AE1 (Imation 8x DVD+R not Verbatim though) with a QS of 97% as scanned with a BenQ DW1640. Hopefully the 4082N does equally well.

I just got Acer Aspire 3624 it came with GWA-4082N with firmware CP03, looking for ripplock firmware and tools for bitsetting on dvd+r and dvd+rw
Anybody have any idea where to find it ? please

You can try the region free firmware for the retail GSA model here :

It may or may not work, I don’t know for sure. As for bitsetting, you should not need any extra tools. Most burning software should be able to bitset DVD+R and DVD+DL discs with LG writers. In general, bitsetting DVD+RW has never been supported on any LG writer so you’re at a dead end there. Riplock firmware for LG writers also does not exist.

…and wouldn’t be useful with drives like this.
Read some threads about it on the forum and you’ll know why.

Thanks for reply guys, I look into gsa-4082n it support dvd-rm, but my is OEM gwa-4082N without dvd-ram support, and rpc1 firmware not going to work with my gwa-4082N, would you point me which software support bitsetting for this models, please.
I think is it the only way to use MediaCodeSpeedEdit by ALA to do ripplock for this dirver ? because I see alot of the notebook sell lately will come with OEM LG GSA retail, GWA, GMA, GCC installed. I might be wrong! current I used NTI CD-DVD maker platinum, I counld not find bitsetting anywhere in this software. Have any expert on firmware get there hand on this LG models yet ! I search all this forum anh see so many requested firmware for this LG.

IS there a riplock on this drive?
Don’t forget that slimtype drives are slower than Half-height ones.

Thanks Chef,
that’s mean not yet!
I just want to see it can run at 6x dvd+r/-r instead of 4x

You can try using Nero CD-DVD Speed. You do not have to install the whole Nero for this. Just download it from here :

I don’t think MCSE’s riplock removal works on LG writers. As I said, I have never found any kind of tool or firmware which removes riplock on any LG DVD writer. I have been looking for more than a year and have found nothing.

Thnaks karangguni,
I have try nero cd-dvd speed, all of the bitsetting gray out can not select anything.
There must be a tools some where, if not I would like to look into LG firmware, do you know any tools to extract BIN file from current firmware to modify and flash it.

There is one more tool you can try for bitsetting - something called BitSet from alexnoe :

I don’t know if it will work, but you can give it a try.

Sadly, I do not know of any tools to extract BIN files from current firmware for LG writers. I also know of no flashing programs for LG writers which work with any BIN firmware.