GWA-4082N DVD Buffer Level Jumps

Hi guys

Just a quick question

i have the GWA-4082N DVD writer on my HP Pavillion DV8000 Laptop

I have beenusing the writer for over a year since new with no problem but now when burning a DVD it takes ages (about 1 1//2 hour)

The buffer level jumps (usually from 98% down to 50% then to 40% then to 10% - then back up and down again like this)

Can anyone please help to sort this out

thanks in advance

Hi and Welcome!

you problem seems to be due to the drive running in PIO mode instead of DMA. Please read here for solutions:


I have tried this but no luck

And when I try to play a DVD is skips and jumps

anything else I can do ?


What went wrong?
Please report back, what DMA settings are current for your drives.
You might also run Nero Info Tool and post the logfile here.


hi thanks for the help

I seem to have sorted out now

thanks again

Well? Don’t just leave us hanging! How did you sort it out?

I’ve got an LG HL-DT-STDVDRAM GMA 4084N (KQ09) in an HP DV9000CTO and the buffer’s started jumping a bit during burns…


did you go through the advice given in the link I posted in #2 of this thread?
Also, buffers “jump” if there is additional load on your system like some ressource hogging Antivirus crap or similar.