GWA-4080N doesn't burn DVD+RW correctly, please help!

Have you even used Nero 6 to write a DVD+RW? I sure have, and it doesn’t say anything about formatting the disc, even when new out of the package. Watching it, it says the same things it does when writing a standard -/+R, absolutely nothing about formatting. This goes for Nero, plus any older versions I’ve used in the past year.

An interesting thread!

I’ve just put a brand new 8 speed DVD+RW in my LG4163B & tried burning a movie with Nero

Nero says Formatting disc etc. & takes about 27 secs.

Now my 4163B supports this media at 8x. It’s RICOHJPNW21 BTW.

However , the reponse when trying with my Benq 1620 , which does not support this media, is totally different.

Nero now says that the burner does not support this type of media & wants another disk inserted.

The 4080 will not support 8x DVD+RW so the response from the firmware will tell Nero that there’s a problem & I guess the Nero code returned is interpreted by Nero into English.

Hi-Speed rewritables will only work properly in drives supporting Hi-Speed RW media. The 4080N is not in that category.

I guess everyone is right here

Very interesting. I’ve only used Memorex 4x +RW’s (MID RICOHJPNW11) and I never got the message about formatting, even on a fresh disc. Could it depend on the particular drive or media? Or maybe an option in Nero? For most of the discs I used an NEC 2510a, and for one I used my 4165@4167. Very odd here how it says formatting for some people, but not others.

Then you need glasses!

Actually, I already have glasses, but thanks for the thought. We certainly haven’t agreed throughout this discussion, but I’ve NEVER once resorted to personal attacks or insults as you have. So much for a civilized discussion.

Well I’m trying to keep it civilised.

Anyway I’ve just noticed that you use the same 4x media as fatfree. I seem to have missed the bit about him switching to the 4x media so all I’ve done is explain why the 8x might not work. It was past my bedtime, that’s my excuse.

I always use the Express interface for burning so maybe that’s why some see the formatting message & those that use Burning Rom don’t.


The free space being shown by Nero is approx the difference between a +R media & a -R media.
This may be just a coincidence but I have seen Nero get totally confused about the media type before.
What version of Nero are you using?

That previous post was not aimed at you, but rather at chef. I should have made that clearer, and I apologize for that. If anything, your post gave me some interesting information to think about. It is odd how some people seem to see the formatting message, but others (including me) don’t. I currently use Nero, but I’ve also used with this media. And, as mentioned earlier, I’ve used both an NEC 2510a and the LG 4165@4167 with this media.

If that has offended you, then I apologize.

Interesting is that the formatting info doesn’t appear when blank -RWs are burned (exactly, before), but with +RWs it does. :flower:

Apology accepted. Now, back to the topic at hand.
I’ve never used -RWs at all. I’ve only use 4x +RWs, which have the MID RICHOHJPNW11, as I mentioned in a previous post in this thread.


Don’t worry , I realised where the remarks were aimed. Glad to see we’re all friends again.

Just wish I knew what Fatfree’s problem was being caused by. I think I’m out of ideas.

OK, here is an screenshot when burning a +RW (8x +RW actually).

In case something is wrong at imageshack (I get weird results here, dunno why).

Okay, let me clarify, chef. It’s not that I don’t believe that you and other users see the formatting disc while in Nero. Yet, I have not when using those 4x +RW’s, which is what you seem to have a hard time believing. Maybe it’s a setting I change when I install Nero? I don’t have anymore new +RW’s, and don’t see me needing to buy any at the time to experiment with either. I guess I’m just at a loss at this point…

I’ve probably missed that, but what software have you used for burning +RW?

I think all existing or not-existing questions were answered so far. :wink:

What we need really is some sort of response from FatFree. It’s been 4 days now.

Did he/she get bored by all this discussion I wonder?

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I used Nero

If you have the chance, open DVDDecrypter up and insert a BLANK (new) DVD+RW.
It will tell you that the media needs to be formatted, even if you haven’t selected a source…