GWA-4080N doesn't burn DVD+RW correctly, please help!

I have a GWA-4080N that is claimed 8X burning DVD+R/RW.

But I haven’t had any luck burning DVD+RW.

I bought a 5 pack of Memorex DVD+RW 8X. None of them worked.

I bought a 5 pack of Sony DVD+RW 4X. Nero says ~4600MB free space. But when I hit the burn button, it says I don’t have enough space, that there is only 163MB free space!! Ok… so I did a format/erase, and still comes out the same.

Nero DVD Tool says the disc is closed! On all 5 DVD+RW. If I tried burning something smaller than 163MB, it burns. But nothing more.

What’s wrong with my DVD burner?

It IS empty, they are fresh out of the package DVD+RW. And I also tried full erasing/formating just in case, but same results! GRrrr.

What’s funny is that when I do a Nero data disc test, it burns a full 4.37GB with junk files. So WTF?

What is your problem?

They all have to be formatted once before using!!

Upgrade your firmware to 0C35 or even better 0N37 from - will give you better results overall.

I had no problem with +RW on either one.

They only have to be formatted if they’re being used in packet write mode. If you’re trying to write them like a normal data/video DVD, there’s absolutely no need to format them, you would just write it like a normal -R/+R.

Plain wrong!

Every time I used a DVD+RW, I simply told Nero to create a data or video DVD, and it wrote it just like a standard -/+R, and in the same amount of time as a standard 4x -/+R write would take. No formatting necessary or indicated by Nero, and I might mention these were fresh out of the package. And, of course, after a quick or full erase, I can write it just like a standard -/+R again, still no formatting necessary. If you have anything to back up what you’re saying, I’d be interested in seeing it.

Probably you have used UDF only for this. I only use UDF/ISO for obvious reasons.

Nope, I’ve also done UDF/ISO writing on DVD+RW, still no formatting done. In fact, I just pulled out a DVD+RW I had lying around that was written as a UDF DVD-video, did a quick erase and then wrote it as a UDF/ISO disc to test. Still no formatting done, at least not that Nero indicates. I’d still be interested in some information to back up what you’re saying about the necessary formatting.

Every single DVD+RW DOES require formatting, however, unless you do packet writing it can be done on-the-fly so you might not be aware of it.

Don’t you think you have mixed something up?
First we were talking about formatting on BLANK DVD+RW media - now you are talking about formatting an already used +RW!!

Ahh, that’s very interesting, and I was unaware of that. That’s a nice feature, and certainly makes writing faster and easier. Like they say, I learn something new every day!

Chef, I think part of the problem was this response you made. It really made no sense in the context of his problem. And, as another said, since formatting is done on the fly, he doesn’t need to format it himself. Since it seems to be done in hardware, with even Nero not mentioning the formatting, it’s no wonder it led to confusion. So, telling him he needs to format them, is, well, redundent, and not needed.

Where did he mention Packet-Writing then??? :confused:

He didn’t, he was trying to burn a data DVD, and simply mentioned that he had tried erasing/formatting them. Then you came around and said “What is your problem? They all have to be formatted once before using!!,” which wasn’t a helpful response at all and was downright confusing. I then responded saying formatting was only necessary if you’re packet writing, and since manual formatting is only required with packet writing, I’m gonna stand by that statement, since when writing a data DVD, the formatting is done automatically in hardware with zero user intervention.

OK, problem solved I think?!

It seems that DVD+RW BLANKs come as UDF formatted and if you want to use another FS you have to format of course prior.

OK?! :wink:

No, read djadjet’s post. The don’t come formatted, but the drive itself does the formatting in the background on-the-fly. Therefore, if you’re just doing a data or video DVD, your writing app behaves as if writing to a -/+R, with no user knowledge or intervention. I know I learned something from this, hopefully you will too.

This sounds suspiciously like a software bug. What version of Nero are you using?

Wrong, you need to have a closer look at your app.