Guyz buy at FBI - CD! They are the best!



Guyz I have nothing to do with FBI-CD but I have ordered some things at FBI-CD and they delivering very very fast really! They delivers all CDs with nice Jewel Cases!! Real cool dealer!!! I know that they delivers worldwide!! Thats great and they have all CDS you will need!!!

Greetings fly out to:


Big Daddy


CAn you put some prices of them one the web.
Are send me an e-mail with all the lists, if you have them.



Plz, don’t crosspost this topic.

Bigdaddy, this counts for you to


Mattel007 I`ve sent you the list and the prices! Have you already ordered at FBI??


Big Daddy


Nop, i didn’t, but i’m planning to.


I am begining to think that this Big Daddy guy is “owned” by FBI-cd he seems VERY VERY happy about them and i mean more than natural.
I am not saying That FBI-cd is a bad dealer (i Have never tried them)



I agree with ZipZap, bigdaddy must get commission from FBI-CD.