How mutch cows do you have ??


Have 2 but im not sure the secound cow is
working for 100 % see no different in the
score 1 pc is a amd 700 2e a pentium 3 500
same email adress for the cows but psw not working 4 the 2e pc???


If you use 1 or more with the same email address you only need 1 password !

Eg: 5 pc’s 1 email address 1 password.

You only need to join the team once.

Just keep submitting all bocks on all machines with the same email address.


Howmuch is the question !!?


I have 2, but not working at the same time. One is at home and one is at work. Maybe I could get some friends to help me to increase my ehh “harem”




I got 5…but I couldn’t synchronise with the server for a few days, connection problems, no time etc…you’ll see a boost on my stats tomorrow all those days the packages kept coming…I’m curieus how much finished packets I’ve got in my buffers now!


i only got one and its working on a dual c533


Celeron 488
Pentium II 200
Pentium I 200

Four pc’s !


1x P200MMX
1x Athlon 700
1x Athlon 500
1x PII - 400
1x PIII - 600