Gurus Please Help - 1640 vs. 1650 vs. 1650?

Hi folks,

@Zevia, I noticed you have both 1650 & 1655 … If I don’t care for lightscribe … as far as performance which of the two drives would you recommned??? :confused:
BTW, I have an internal 1640 with BSRB firmware and I love it … but I just want to cover myself if it dies I need an immediate back-up. I have done over 4000+ burns with the 1640.

I keep hearing and reading that 1650 and 1655 are basically the same drives … but I think I also saw another posting saying that 1650 is a bit quieter than 1655 …


About quieter this can be drive dependant and system dependant !

To be honest I like the plainer look of the 1650. Since the front panel and a small additional circuit are the only difference between the 1650 and 1655, I’d find it hard to believe that there is much difference in noise level. I’m more inclined to go along with dakhaas about that - even the position in the system can make a difference.

Isn’t that just the difference in looks between an OEM/bulk model and the retail model?
My BenQ DW1655 is a bulk model and it looks plain, and not kinda ugly like the retail model (IMO).

Guys, if you don’t like the “BenQ-look”, why don’t you get a Philips DVDR1660 and crossflash it with BenQ firmware. :bigsmile:

BTW, my Philips 1660 is quieter then the good ol’ DW1640.

Ah, is that what it is. Glad I got the OEM model then. :slight_smile:

pinto2, yes that is a good look. BenQ Australia was showing a picture of that same drive in black as the BenQ 1655, for a long time. I bet a lot of people were disappointed when they got a drive that looked quite different.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all of your input.

@Dragemaster, I see you have a 1655 … since you got a 1655, I guess I go ahead and get that one.

@CodeKing, so, for 1655 is the “SAME” Laser that i sdoing the lightscribe writing which does the dvd burning? See, that is the part that it was confusing me … I thought it was a separate Laser mechanism that it was installed on top to burn the top of the DVD blank … but I guess you just flipthe dvd upside down and burn it with less laser power … right … is this how it works???


Yes, the additional circuitry is for the indexing (the pretty pattern on the label side of the disc). :wink: