can anyone tell me how to increase speed of copying? it has something to do with definitions i used to copy in a speed of 7-9mb/s cpu usage was around 30% but now something had changed & i can’t restore it so it copies in 1.5mb/s with cpu usage of 100%.


Sounds like your player has reverted to PIO transfer mode (high CPU load, low speed) from DMA mode (low CPU load, high speed). If you have a recent version, there is now a button marked “Reset DMA” that will fix everything back for you. It is on the “General” page of “Comon Settings”. Give that a try and post back with results.


thanks for the help.
evev though it helped only partialy. it now gets up to 5.5 mb/s with 80% cpu usage.
as i said i had better prormances i think it has something to do with windows definitions.
thanks again


Hi gurila
I’m really sorry about this but at loss or something :rolleyes:
What do you mean by [B]windows definitions[/B] :confused:


hi stormjumper
i realy don’t now what definitions,but it might have something to do with memory or something else that can influence the loss of speed.
the fact is i used to copy in 8-9 mb/s & every time i lost it i simply restored the system to an earlier date.
i forgot to say that it happens after i’m trying to copy a scratched disk.



Do you get read errors :confused:
And have you check in Device Manager to see if DMA is set or PIO
also like to know if you are using DVDFab Platinum , or any of the DVDFab Products :confused:
does not say in any of your post or the name of this thread :confused:


hi again
i dont get any errors.
i’m using DVDFab gold.
i don’t know where to check in the device manager, but i did reset the dma.


Copying a scratched or dirty disc will make windows reset the drive from DMA to PIO mode again. Push the DMA button again, or use the links in StormJumper’s post to get back in DMA mode.


You might try a disk defragmentation of you hard drive. If your HD ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. Just click on start and then put your cursor over the programs tab. Next, go to Accessories and click, then find System Tools and click on iand in the next box you’ll see disk defragmetation. Double click on it and run it all the way through. This may take awhile too. Hopefully, that’ll recover some of your speed. Also, welcome to the club gurila. ~ Mike
P.S. Wasn’t sure if knew about defraging or your PC knowlegde so I just thought I’d explain, sorry if I was preaching to the choir,LOL.


Hi again,malso you might download CD-DVD Speed and run your disk through it and see if the disk has any scrathes or flaws like signals suggested. That program will tellyou a lot of info about your back ups and the original too. Good Luck


Morning gurila
Please read this thread HERE for more info



Hi Tim,I just read the thread above. It’s a very comprehensive tutorial. Especially if you aren’t PC savey. Just watched Pirates 2, LOL. Thanks ~ Mike