Guns N' Roses pirate to plead guilty

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Keviln Coghill, 27, who was arrested and first plead not guilty for copyright infringement is expected to plea guilty in hopes of receiving a shorter prison sentence. He will enter the guilty…

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  1. Posting stolen songs
  2. Pissing off the FBI
  3. Not co-operating with authorities.

Yeah, this is going to end really well for Kevin.

“highly anticipated Chinese Democracy”

Are they kidding? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Appetite for Destruction when it was white-hot in the 80s, but this band is dead to me now. Then again, if Chinese Democracy can come out then there’s still hope for Duke Nukem Forever.

Yeah, posting stolen music and publicly irritating the FBI probably weren’t the best decisions by Cogill. I wonder if he’ll eventually turn over who he got the music from – there appears to be no way he got it without inside help from someone.

As to whether or not the album is “highly anticipated”, you’d probably be surprised! I guess there are enough middle-age white guys out there looking for music. :wink:

Actually, I think he’s playing it smart. Why co-operate fully if they are going to through you in jail for up to a year. If you work a deal so that you will give them the person’s name, and no jail-time…obviously that is a way better move.

“If you work a deal so that you will give them the person’s name, and no jail-time…obviously that is a way better move.”

Until the person whose name he gives out tracks down his rat ass and leaves him for dead (from the multiple knife wounds, natch) in a ditch next to a lonely country road. Then maybe it wasn’t such a good deal for Kevin after all.

Even if he turns over the person’s name, I doubt they’ll let him get off without serving any jail time. It’s just whoever provided him with the tracks will likely get more jail time.

Poor guy, never taunt the government 1;
2-I can give a rat’s anti about G & R 3-I still think G.W. SUCKS & is in cahoots w/ halabuton!

GN’R sucks, save for Appetite for Destruction as stated previously. The idiot shouldn’t have been such a smartass. Three years for nine songs…drunk drivers who murder entire families in completely preventable crashes are handed less time! Hell even the year he’s facing is ridiculous.

Apparently their ‘security’ wasn’t so secure. I sure hope those guys will be able to survive losing all that revenue from those ‘free’ downloads. Don’t construe that as an excuse to pirate, but let’s get back to reality here, ONE guy, ONE website, if that strikes fear of lost sales…GN’R evidently weren’t planning on selling very many of those CDs. Again, the guy asked for it, so perhaps a year to think about his poor judgement would do him some good. Too bad the guys who broke into the neighbor’s vehicle, destroying the interior as they ripped off all the expensive stereo equipment won’t see a day in jail or pay a penny of restitution, (they got caught, for all the good it did) but this guy gets a year. American Justice!

Remember cassette tapes? Remember DAT? Remember CD-burners? Piracy via cassettes should’ve destroyed the RIAA…no, DAT should’ve…hell CD-Rs should’ve if you believe a single word of their anti-piracy campaign. People will ALWAYS buy the real deal, just as people will ALWAYS steal. I guess it boils down to just how much revenue lost is too much, and all that is theoretical. Every pirated CD/DVD/Game is NOT lost revenue, so stop with the Gestapo tactics.

The guy should actually be rewarded for his actions! By posting those songs early, people were given the opportunity to preview songs that are quite possibly absolute crap! GN’R should be the ones under investigation for attempting to make a profit by selling complete garbage to unsuspecting, ill-informed consumers!

Ok, so both parties should be brought to justice, and no reward 'cause the dude was stupid and broke the law.

guns n roses? Why does axle still try? Its over, and its pathetic that he doesnt know it. appetite was the best, but after that the guy just makes me want to f’in vomit. HezaWanna be “F”