Guns N' Roses pirate pleads not guilty

I just posted the article Guns N’ Roses pirate pleads not guilty.

A man previously arrested for pirating the newest Guns N’ Roses album has pleaded not guilty in federal court at the beginning of the week.The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says Kevin…

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I have a strong feeling that this will not end well for him in the long run. I wonder if he’s going to eventually tell the court who he got the CD from…

Lol…Nov 23…hmmm. That’s definitely not set in stone until I see it in Stores on that date. Remember, I think it was supposed to come out last year, then nothing happened. Then there was a release date this year I think it was like Feburary or something, and two weeks before it was supposed to come out, Axl cancelled it. So Nov. 23 doesn’t mean that is when the cd will come out…lol

Also, there really is nothing new on this album anyways. Like, 9 songs were leaked, and GNR is supposed to play 3 of the remaining songs live at an upcoming show. So that means that there are 2 songs that no one has heard that will be new on the CD.

Kevin Coghill you’ve got my full support if you see this text I hope you win your case, never plead guilty to something you didn’t do let em prove it first lmao.

Makes me think about November Rain :bigsmile: I actually didn’t know they still made music. I never really liked it. Listening to Radiohead, now that’s music! :bow: