Guitar Hero II Custom Songs -- PS2 Modding



Case in point I need to mod my PS2 to play custom GHII songs, but I’m not sure how to. I also want to do it as cheaply as possibly (obviously).

I’ve gotten alot of shifty answers, and I was wondering if yall could help me out.

I’m planning to buy a flip top, and just switch out the games, since that seems to be the cheapest way, but my main questions are 1) Where can I get a quality boot disk? and 2) Do I need to also buy a non-solder mod chip? or does that depend on the boot disk?




Let me re-phrase my quetions.

  1. Is Swap Magic a quality boot disk? I.e. Will it work with guitar hero?

  2. Do i need a non-solder mod chip to use Swap Magic? If so which one should i get.

I would ask these on the guitar hero forum… but well… they’ll ban me =/ ( good site otherwise.


Um… nevermind, answered question 2 by myself. So i just need to know…

Will Swap Magic work with Guitar Hero II?

Thanks =D


Never tried it before.

If you can tell me how big (file size) the disc is then I can tell you whether or not Swap Magic can boot up the backup disc.


@ snwborder52, Swap Majic works with Guitar Hero II :bigsmile:
@soneman, let me guess (I am a bit of a newb on this subject) Swap Majic will not boot a dual layer disc because I have tried 2 different d/l titles and they failed :sad: , is there a boot-up disc for d/l PS2 backed-up games? I just use the flip-top and Swap Majic boot disc works great on s/l back-ups.


As far as I know, there is no boot disc for the PS2 that can boot up DL backups. :disagree:

HD Loader can boot them up but you’re going to need a Hard Drive to get it working.

Swap Magic can only boot up single layer backups.


Thank-You :slight_smile: