Guideplus: How do I turn off One-Buttin recording?



:o If you use the One-Button-Record feature in Guideplus how on EARTH do you cancel/turn off the recording after it has started? Can’t find ANY clue in the manual!



Problem solved.


Please post the solution, others may have the same question.


Just got my Pio DVR-440 & it’s easy to hit the wrong button & start the recording. I did manage to stop mine but not quite sure how.


It is odd the most DVD recorders don’t have the same (press two buttons to record) like many VCRs have.


I know the feeling! I finally figured it out - make sure you’re on the channel your DVR is tuned in to, EXT1 on mine, and then press ‘Stop Rec’. It will then ask you to confirm that you want to stop the recording. My mistake before was not having the TV on EXT1 so after pressing ‘Stop Rec’ didn’t see the message :o


Thanks for posting the info.