Guidelines for Copyright Protected Material

Copyright protected media has often been a subject of discussion at MyCE and its predecessor site, CDFreaks. We have consistently upheld the rights of our members to access and use copyright protected material that they own and have acquired legally.

MyCE is hosted in the Netherlands and follows Dutch law; but since the site is international in scope, the specific rules of the forum are slightly more strict than those seen in Dutch Home Copy provisions. We try to adhere to a general standard that complies with copyright law around the world. In any dispute on the forum arising from possible copyright infringement, the staff and management of the site will make the final decision.

So here are some guidelines for members of the site when discussing backups, or conversion of copyright protected material that you own:

  • You must have acquired the material legally, whether it is physical media like DVDs, CDs, or Blu-ray discs, or virtual media such as electronic files. This usually means you should own the original discs, or have purchased an authentic download.

  • Making backups or changing formats must be done for your own personal use, and not shared, sold or in any other way distributed without permission of the copyright holders.

  • Material that is distributed without obvious copyright entanglements, or belonging to the public domain, may of course be a subject for discussion.

How does this translate into actual discussions?
You may backup commercially made CDs or videos that you own and you can ask for help on how to do this. You may ask for help on converting music or videos into other formats to play back on devices that the original was not designed for. Bypassing DRM (Digital Rights Management) placed on downloaded material is also permitted, as long as you have a license for the original material.

What is not permissible at MyCE?
You cannot ask for help with material that is rented, borrowed or illegally distributed. Most of the files seen on torrent sites fall into this last category, so keep this in mind when starting a thread. If you have sold, lost, or had your original discs stolen, then unfortunately we cannot help you with backups you may have made, since the right to use the material has also been lost.

We hope these guidelines are clear, but if you have any questions on the subject, please feel free to contact the moderators of the forum.

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