Guidelines and Rules for the DVD Burner User Reviews Forum

Welcome to the CD Freaks DVD Burner User Reviews Forum. The goal of this forum is to have a centralized place for users to leave their opinions on CD and DVD Burners. These are supplemental to the reviews done by our editors. However we don’t want to withold any extra information that can help you to make your purchasing decision.

Goal of this forum

List all available CD and DVD burners with specifications and user experiences. Also firmware updates and other news regarding the CD or DVD burner can be posted here. If a CD Freaks Review is available it will be mentioned in the opening thread.

Contributions of users will be the key to success of this forum. There for the creation of new threads and posting user experiences, firmware updates and news related to the drives is much appreciated.

Contribute – Add a CD or DVD Burner

If you would like to add a new drive to our database then please use the following guidelines.

Thread name: Type - Brand name – Model

[li] Type: e.g. CD Burner, DVD Burner, Slime line DVD Burner
[/li][li] Brand name: e.g. Aopen, BenQ, Lite-On, NEC, Pioneer, Philips, Plextor, Samsung e.g.
[/li][li] Model: e.g. DW1640, ND-3500A, PX-716A

When the first thread is created it is time for the first post that introduces the drive.

The first post should contain general information about the drive with specifications and if available a link to the (CD Freaks) review, a list of available CD Freaks reviews is here: here. Do not state your opinion in this post, you can add it later in an additional post. The first post is intended to inform users about the drive.

Contribute - Add your opinion

We encourage you to add your opinion on a drive but please explain why you think is a drive is good or bad. Posts simply containing ‘this is a good drive’ or ‘this drive sucks’ are not very useful. Please add a because to those lines with an explanation.

Contribute - Rate a CD or DVD burner

At the right site of your screen in the orange line above the first post you will find ‘Thread Tools’ – ‘Search this Thread’ – ‘Rate this Thread’. If you would like to rate a drive then please use the thread rating feature to rate the drive. Five stars is a good drive, one star is a bad drive.