Guide: Why is media XYZ not working?

Hi guys

Most new threads in this forum seems to be from people having problems with unsupported media. I suggest you all do the following when encountering media that are not supported in firmware:

  1. Send the media MID code to Marco using this address

  2. Post your result in this thread Media compatibility: bad results found here

In both cases you will need to find the MID code of the media in question. I suggest you use DvdInfoPro which can be downloaded here - for free!

Speaking of DvDInfoPro I suggest everybody read the help file that comes with the app. It absolutely great reading and it should help everybody (even newbies) understanding the importance of a given DVD media to be supported in firmware.

To avoid problems from the very beginning I suggest you start by using SUPPORTED media with your BTC drive. I will repeat this 'cause no one seems to understand the importance of this:To avoid problems from the very beginning I suggest you start by using SUPPORTED media with your BTC drive. You can find the official list from BTC here You can also see what media worked for others by checking this thread

Having reached 146 postings in this forum (and still counting) I will no longer contribute to discussions regarding unsupported media. And don’t expect Marco to find it interesting either answering the same questions over and over again. Same questions, same answers. It’s that simple (and boring).

There is so much usefull information in this forum by now that will answer 9 out of 10 questions. Please do a search - or at least start by reading the “Read first” threads. They are there for a reason. And yes John, the Read first threads are the ones at the top of the Forum list. You can’t miss them :slight_smile:



although I appreciate you helpful contributions to this group, it is difficult for me to agree with your post where you hint that if people have problems it is due to them not using supported media.

When I bought my BTC 1004, it stated that it was able to handle any DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-Video, not only a specific brand or a specific list of supported media. If a media does not work in the BTC, then it should be a problem to be solved by BTC or the media manufacturer, not the customer.

I appreciate Marco’s support in this forum, but a professional company should not rely on having customers sending them their failed media to analyze them. It should talk directly to media manufacturer, get early engineering samples and taylor the firmware before the new released media hit the shelves, not the other way around.

Other DVD burner manufacturers seem to be able to deliver much more compatible firmwares, so why should the BTC customers have to retrict themselves on supported media only ?


I agree. BTC should spend more time talking to manufacturers. But maybe they are, we can’t really know for sure. One thing I don’t appreciate is the way new MID codes are added with each new firmware release. Seems like BTC are too busy adding these MID’s before they have been tested properly. I mean how hard can it be? (excuse me Marco) Burn a few media, check burnquality, adjust write strategy and so forth. If BTC rely on us, the customers, to burn coasters and helping them fine tuning write strategies, they have got it all wrong. Now you really got me started here… :slight_smile: Naturally feedback from endusers are the only way to improve things, but initially it should work without verification errors.

Anyway what I was trying to say in my initial posting, is that I think people in this forum should take the time to browse through the valuable information already in here. Furthermore we have to remember that Marco is not with us all the time. Lately I haven’t seen that many postings/answers from his pen. Except for the one where he tells people to e-mail him for better support. Which is quite understandable. However I think most of us appreciate the work he has done in this forum so far.

Finally it seems to me that most new users fail to read the “Read first” threads even though they contain valuable information. Agree, some other threads should be marked as Read first as well but I guess this is up to the moderators.

Anyway thanks for your feedback.



Please don’t take this personally. Hopefully it will help others on the forum better understand why there are so many problems with the current crop of dvd burners.

This lack of compatability with the different brands of DVD’s and different media is nothing new.I serviced Tv,Vcr’s,Computers for over 40 years. I recall when home video recorders first came out. Everybody wanted to get their product out there first. There was 1/4",1/2",3/4",1" tape,reel to reel,several cassettes, most not interchangeable.The public really got disgusted. Then Sony came along with the Beta machine and Jvc with the vhs and things settled down.Beta was considered technically better, but vhs won out on price.

Then came computers. After Apple came out in 1977, every tom,dick & harry tried to compete but Apple wouldn’t give out any information or license anyone else to make a competing product, So in 1980 IBM came out with their computer and made the information available to anybody that wanted it. There were lots of computers on the market but many were not compatable with each other. Compaq was the only brand that was 100% compatable. They both survived and the market took off.In about 1985 after several companies managed to get compatable computers on the market, IBM decided to go to the Micro Channel system and not let the information out to competitors. Thats when all the other major manufacturers,Toshiba,NEC,etc all got togather and formed their own spec’s for a PC computer. They all manufactured their computers following one standard and disks or files made on one brand could be read on other brands.IBM tried to fight them but lost. They decided to go along with the coalition. That’s why we have only one standard for pc computers today.

NOW- The same thing is going to have to happen with DVD’s. I realize this is the prime selling season and every manufacturer was rushed to get their products out in the market place. But that is no excuse for the mess they have made.They didn’t do their homework. What good is it to have a so called standards forum or council or whatever if the members don’t abide by the rules and standards. Marco is busting his butt trying to make up for BTC’s poor quality control and testing.They are using the public to do their testing of the various media. There shouldn’t be that much variation in the media either if proper standards are set and everybody followed them.You hear more complaints about BTC than other brands because they currently appear to be the best buy based on price, consequently many ,many more were purchased.Marco said they had sold something like 200,000 of these.From what I’ve found in searching the web, I think every brand of DVD on the market is having about the same failure rate. Most don’t have someone like Marco to fight for them.I have owned BTC products in the past and have been very happy with them. I bought one of the 10041M’s for my Grandson for xmas, but not sure if I’ll give it to him. I may leave it up to him whether to keep it or go for some other brand. I personally won’t buy one until they get more standardized. If everyone WORLDWIDE who has bought one of these and is having trouble were to return it, I bet that might get their attention.I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone start a class action law suit against all the manufacturers.The products don’t perform as advertised.Many people and companies are using dvd’s to back up and archive records. What are they going to do 5 or 10 years from now when there isn’t a drive that will read their disk? When was the last time you saw a 5 1/4" or an 8" floppy? Lots of companies archived records on these.
I apologize for running on this way,but just had to get it off my chest.