Guide to use Gordian Knot 0.35.0



Gordian Knot 0.35.0 Encoder Tutorial

Here’s my tutorial site for the full encoding process using gknot.

If you have any more questions, please post them.

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Nice tutorial. Seems like alot of work for a beginer like me. But I will giev it a try sometime. After using gknot can you use DVDDycrypter or ImgBurn to burn to disk?


Welcome to the forum [I]mkwin2k7[/I] and thanks for the guide :slight_smile:

@40_ounce: To burn a disc you can use any burning software you like :slight_smile:
Between the two you mentioned, I suggest to use Imgburn, because it is more updated than decrypter :slight_smile:


Thanks geno888.


No problem, I had a hard time with Gknot in beginning. I wanted to try to explain the general process as simple as possible.


ok koo I got it now…great tutorial !!!


I really was not familar with this program until now, it seems almost like DVD Rebuilder with a few tweaks and a different encoder. Great to see some new guide on the site,good job.:clap:


Thanks, always happy to help out.


Everything on your tutorial worked great (thanks) but I don’t have an avi file anywhere. I do have an avs that plays the movie in WMP but no sound…Any suggestions?