Guide to DVD Shrink – Part 6: Stripping Titles & Chapters

Understand one thing: the start frame means “start of” and the end frame means “end of”… so if you set both start and end to Chapter 10, that will cover the whole chapter. If you set start frame to Chapter 10 and end frame to Chapter 11, then you will cover two Chapters.

Many episodic DVDs, Friends, CSI, The West Wing etc may contain Titles (entire episodes) or Chapters that you don’t want on your backup. Stripping them out means better compression levels (higher quality). I’m going to be using The West Wing Season 1 • Episodes 12-22. Disc 4 Contains Episodes 12-15 but I never liked Episode 13, so I’m taking it out. I’m also looking to take out FBI warnings, trailers, credits and whatever. I’m looking forward to good quality and maybe something more. Here’s the opened disc showing the four episodes. It’s Title 2 that I don’t want.

Click “Re-author” and arrange both windows. Simply click and drag the desired Titles from the original window to the Re-author window

Compression is so good, I gonna add the menus! In fact, you can but they won’t work. Re-author = no menus.

So now delete them using the delete key. Chapter 6 in all Titles on this DVD is the end-credits. In fact, they start near the end of Chapter 5! So I’m taking that all out by using “Start/End”.

To remove Chapters other than at the start or the end requires multiple instances of the Title in the Re-author Window. For the purpose of this mini-tutorial I will be removing Chapter 3 only. I will need two instances of Title 4[ul][li]The first instance will start at the beginning of the Episode (Title 4) and finish before Chapter 2 starts.[*]The second instance will start at Chapter 4 and end with Chapter 6.[/ul]
Highlight the first instance of Title 4 in the Re-author window and click “Start/End” on the Toolbar. Select Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (start of movie to end of Chapter 2, just before Chapter 3).

Highlight the second instance of Title 4 in the Re-author window and click “Start/End” on the Toolbar. Select Chapter 4 and Chapter 6 (three Chapters). While at Chapter 4, wind back a few frames to get a better transition between Chapters.

Click “OK” to save and exit “Start/End” and then “Backup!” on the toolbar

Good luck. Got problems? Then post here