Guide to DVD Shrink – Flippers

Flippers (DVD-10) are almost unknown in Australia and New Zealand (Region 4 PAL where I come from) but are common in North America where Not Twice Same Color is the unfortunate standard; two sided DVDs – yes, Flippers – no. A Flipper is one DVD and has part of the main movie on one side and the rest on the other – what a dumb idea. This is what a dual-layer disc (DVD-9) is for! But then, people go on and complain about the layer break: doh! If you’re lucky, the main movie is on one side, extras on the other.

This guide will use the Open Disk and Open Files methods since you can’t read both sides of the disc in the one DVD reader :wink: since we’re putting a double-sided disc onto a single sided recordable, I recommend the main movie, one sound track and subtitles only so that compression is not too harsh on the video stream.

Insert the DVD side-2-up and rip this side to disk with No Compression. These files become the new and alternative source of Side 2 during Re-author.

Flip over the disc, to Side 1, open it using “Open Disk” and click “Re-author”on the Toolbar.

Select the Title from Side 1 that you want to start with and drag it to the Re-author window. Do not remove it from the drive!

When you’re done with Side 1 (disc) go to Side 2 (files) by clicking “Open Files” on the Toolbar and navigate to the VIDEO_TS.IFO file, click and open it. Drag the remaining titles you want to the Re-author window, choose your levels of compression and rip away.

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