Guide:::This is how to preview instantcopy 7 .pdi output

i’ve been informed that this method doesn’t work with daemon tools (daemon tools will incorporate .pdi mounting directly it the next release)…but it works with alcohol 120%.

Pinnacle’s Instant Copy version 8 has an option to install a virtual drive so you can mount you pdi-images.

Instantcopy 8 will be getting a VIDEO_TS output option in the future after a little persuasion HERE :wink:

be carful with the virtual drive. Try copying the data from the image and it bombs out for me when it comes to the join between the pdi and pdi01 files :frowning:

dunno if it will be the same for others

i could never get instantdrive to work for me…kept saying that it couldn’t mount the image!!!
even though it was made with instantcopy 8

maybe the VIDEO_TS option will be included in the first patch?..along with a fix for the nero/instantcopy conflict?