Guide: Setting up a HP LaserJet 1010 for Windows 10 and with a router



While sorting though stuff in the loft, we found a HP LaserJet 1010 that I thought would be worth giving a try. From a quick check online, compatible toner cartridges are extremely cheap for it, under €10! Despite sitting in the loft for many years, it printed fine once I had it set up on Windows 10. Try that with an inkjet! :stuck_out_tongue:

The challenge was getting it to work with Windows 10. There are numerous drivers out there claiming to work with it, which either failed or printed gibberish. Then reading through the comments of one thread I came across somewhere, it suggested trying the Windows Vista drivers and these worked. There’s no setup file, so I figured I’ll write this quick guide for anyone else that happens to have an old HP LaserJet 1010 like I did.

Setting up the printer with Windows 10

[li]Connect the HP 1010 printer to the PC and switch it on, then wait until Windows finishes its “Found new hardware” process.
[/li][li]Download the relevant Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit driver from the following HP webpage, matching whether you use Windows 10 32 or 64 bit.
[li]Extract the contents of the Zip file to somewhere handy, such as to a new folder on your desktop.
[/li][li]Right-click the Start button and select ‘Device Manager’.
[/li][li]Open “Other devices”, right-click on ‘HP Print Device’ and select ‘Update Driver Software’.
[/li][li]Select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.
[/li][li]Click ‘Browse’ and select the folder you extracted the contents to above.
[/li][li]Click ‘Next’ and then ‘Close’ once complete.
At this point, it’s worth sending a test page to the printer and checking it.

To make it a wireless / network printer (with a suitable router).

[li]Having set up the printer with the PC, connect the printer to the router’s USB socket.
[/li][li]Right-click the start button and click ‘Network connections’
[/li][li]Double-click the WiFi icon, then click the ‘Details…’ button.
[/li][li]Take note of the IP address shown for IPv4 Default Gateway, then close these two dialogue boxes and the Network Connections window.
[/li][li]Right-click the start button, click ‘Contol Panel’ and then open ‘Devices and Printers’.
[/li][li]Right-click the HP 1010 printer and select ‘Printer properties’.
[/li][li]Go into ‘Ports’ and select ‘Add port…’
[/li][li]Select ‘Standard TCP/IP Port’, click ‘New Port…’ and click ‘Next’.
[/li][li]Type IP address you noted from the IPv4 Default Gateway earlier and click ‘Next’.
[/li][li]Select ‘Hewlett Packard Jet Direct’ from the drop-down and click ‘Next’.
[/li][li]Click ‘Finish’, then ‘Close’ to both windows.
[/li][li]Try printing a test page.

If the printer does not work with the router, try going into the router’s web interface to see if there is a setting to enable printer sharing. With my router (Fritz!Box 7360), I didn’t have to do anything with the router other than connect the printer to it.


Cool guide Seán.

More often than not, this guide works universally if you adjust facts to match :flower: