Guide on DVDFab Passkey: features, installation, settings FAQ



In this FAQ on DVDFab Passkey we will look at the features, installation, the various settings of the user interface, and the starting the process along with resources required to run the product. DVDFab Passkey is a product of Fengtao Software Inc. Passkey is a Windows-based driver that allows other software programs to access encrypted DVDs and Blu-ray movies, it runs in the background better known as “on the fly”.

This FAQ on DVDFab Passkey contains:

  1. Features
  2. Passkey Installation
  3. Passkey Settings
  4. Starting the process

System Requirements

Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
Pentium II 500 MHz and above
256 MB of RAM for standard DVDs
512 MB of RAM for Blu-ray

1.) Features

Passkey allows you to watch any region of DVD disc’s on your specific region DVD drive with a media player software, it also allows you to watch Blu-ray disc without HDCP-compliant graphics card and without HDCP-compliant display.

It will also allow you to use most 3rd party software that accesses DVD and Blu-ray disc content so you can make a back up copy of movies you own to your hard drive or burn to disc with the use of a burning software, it will remove all DVD encrypted protections like CSS, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, FluxDVD, CORE X2 and for Blu-ray it will remove all known AACS and BD+, Region Code, BD-Live and UOPs from the content of your back up.

Passkey is available in 3 versions: Passkey for DVD, Passkey for Blu-ray and Passkey Lite.

Here is a list of programs known to work with Passkey:

[li]Ripit4Me - Advanced I/O Mode
[/li][li]1 Click DVD Copy Pro - Advanced I/O Mode Only
[/li][li]Nero Recode 9, 10 and Recode 10 HD Platinum
[/li][li]AVS Copy
[/li][li]DVD neXt COPY V3 and 4 (without the machinist.dll)
[/li][li]DVD Shrink - Pathplayer Off with some content
[/li][li]DVDSubEdit (quick check for forced subs)
[/li][li]ImgBurn (Read Mode)
[/li][li]VLC (play VOB with File->Open)
[/li][li]WinDVD5 (play from original without UOPs)
[/li][li]Roxio Creator 9 in several modes/modules
[/li][li]DVDRanger without machinist.dll
[/li][li]Roxio 2010 with I/O Mode set to ‘Advanced’ under the General tab
[/li][li]Clone DVD
[/li][li]PowerDVD 9 Ultra
Note from Developer: “Advanced I/O Mode” may degrade system stability, use it only when necessary.

2.) Passkey Installation

Passkey installation is simple and there are several install screens, during the extracting of the installer you will receive two which one is where you can select your preferred language see Fig 2.

To install and run the product you must read and agree to the license Agreement see Fig 4.

You are given a choice to specify the location of the program folder that will be placed on your system see Fig 5.

You can use the default start menu folder or create your own see Fig 6.

You have the option to create two …exe icons one for the desktop and/or for the quick launch area of the task bar see Fig 7.

You are given a read me that has in depth information see Fig 8.

At the end of the installation you can choose to restart the system when you click the finish button or choose to start at a later time as shown below…

3.) Settings

On the left you have three categories which are Info, General and DVD, and to the right you have the description area which displays on th

“Info” Will display information about the disc inserted in the drive such as volume label, video standard(NTSC/PAL) and types of protection

“General” Has several settings you are also given the option to select different language if you wish

“Sound” Here you can choose what sound the program make when the process completes or fails

“Network” Allows you to configure the program according to your internet access.

“Diagnosis” Will create a process log which can be used by the user or the support team to analyze if the process fails.

“DVD” Gives you the option to choose which protection is to be removed from the structure of the backup.

“Pathplayer” is an exclusive component of DVDFab that allows the drive to analyze the disc’s navigation structure as a standalone media player does.

(Disabled) Pathplayer does have issues with some DVD structure mostly found on older movie titles and needs to be disabled.

(Enable Pathplayer when necessary) Pathplayer is on standby and the program will analyze the inserted disc and will either turn on Pathplayer or turn it off according to the structure of the disc content.

(Always enable Pathplayer) This is the default setting and should only need changed when having trouble with reading.

“Blu-ray” Gives you the option to choose which protection is to be removed from the context of the backup.

“Drives” Displays all drives/burners connected to the system whether it is internal or external.

“Blu-ray players region” Allows you to specify the region code of the Blu-ray player that will be used for playback

External program

4.) Starting the process

When you insert a disc into the drive passkey will scan the contents of the disc that is to be opened which will be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen just above the system tray.

once the disc has been opened you will be notified it has completed and you can then start the program you have chosen to use with passkey.

Passkey uses very little resources and may very depending on the third party software used.


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