Guide of MacX Video Converter Pro: Make Photo Slideshow and Record Screen Video

As introduced previously, MacX Video Converter Pro is not only a professional video converter, YouTube video downloader and excellent video editor, but also a top-class screen capturer and creative photo slideshow maker. Today, I would like to tell you how to make photo slideshow and record screen video with this preeminent Mac video converter.

download and install it first:

Part 1: Make photo slideshow

Embedded with a photo slideshow maker, MacX Video Converter Pro lets you turn your numerous photos no matter wedding or graduation ceremony into a stunning video slideshow and transfer to iPhone, iPad, Android in a few clicks. You can also add background music or voiceover to enrich the output effect of video and then share it with friends or upload to YouTube, FaceBook, blog, etc. Follow the step-by-step guide to know how to finish this task.

Step 1: Import the pictures folder.Firstly, you should put all the pictures you want in a folder in desired order. Then click “add photos” button and select the entire folder for making the slideshow.

(There are multiple options given in the program, such as, you can rename the output file name as well, add or delete images, set the order of appearance according to photo location, creation date or file name.)

Step 2: Adding background music. Click “Add Music” button to add the audio tracks from the list to the video as background music.

Step 3: Choose output format. Choose the output format in the drop-down list and click the “Done” button. Use the “Browse” button to specify destination folder for saving output files, then click “Run” to start conversion.

Part 2: Record video from Macbook/iMac or external webcam
The “Video recorder” feature lets you create video clip with Mac’s built-in camera or external webcam. It’s all designed to record video and convert it to FLV, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc so that you can upload to YouTube, FaceBook or simply play it on your iPad, iPhone, Android.

Step 1: Click “Video Recorder” tab, the video recorder window will pop up.

Step 2: Click “Setting” button to choose the devices for video and audio recording.

Step 3: Select a destination folder to save your recorded video by clicking “Browse” button.

The recorded movies will be added to convert list by default, so you can edit the video as you like.

Part 3: Record screen activity
If you want to record a game walkthrough or a tutorial for sharing on YouTube, blog and capture non-downloadable online videos, the “Screen Recorder” feature of MacX Video Converter Pro assists you in recording anything shown on your screen. It also allows you to record iTunes DRM video for further conversion and editing without losing quality, whereupon you can have the DRM-protected video you purchased played on any mobile devices.

Step 1: Click the “Screen Recorder” button on the main interface of MacX Video Converter Pro.

Step 2: Adjust Capture Settings

  • Choose “Keep Full Screen” or “Crop Region” to customize the capture area.

  • Select the audio device that used to add sound to your video, or disable audio recording completely.

  • You can also adjust video frame rate or other parameters manually.

  • The recorded movies will be added to convert list by default.

Step 3: Choose the Destination folder. Click “Folder” button in output setting area and select a destination folder to save your recorded video.

Step 4:Start Record. Click “Start Record” button, the program will start capturing the screen within a few seconds. Click “Stop Record button” to stop the video capturing.

Tip: Once all the steps above are finished, you could close the window, then the recorded videos will be shown on MacX Video Converter Pro automatically for you to further edit or convert.

Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile: