Guide needed :NEC ND-6100A to NEC ND-6500A

Hi all

Im a complete Newbie to this and would appreciate any basic help to upgrade my NEC ND-6100A DVD drive to an NEC ND-6500A

Could someone please help in a step by step process as Im not technical minded at all…

Lots of help and patience is needed, thanks in advance

What I’ve done so far !

Downloaded the Firmware NEC ND-6500A
Currently supplied as binaries suitable for flashing in DOS. The package includes original stock firmware, RPC1 with Rip Lock, and Rip Lock only. The patched version include the 6100 @ 6500 patch. 2.23, and Windows Version 2.23 TDB Windows Flasher,

Saved both to my C Drive and tried to excute the 6500rpc1.bin but it only opens up a Wordpad full of Gobbely guke ? which makes no sense to me?

What am i doing wrong?

You have downloaded the firmware only (*.bin).

I would suggest downloading Liggy’s drive flashing utility here! I would make a backup copy of your firmware first.

Then you can point to the .bin that you already have and flash it to your drive.

Alternatively, you can use TheDangerousBros Windows flasher that should be available at the same page you downloaded the files you have now. Here is a link in case you lost it. I would recommend at least getting a copy of your original firmware somehow.

Look at the stickies in this forum(messages pinned at the top), should get you on your way. Most NEC drive procedures are the same, with the difference being the firmware.

Thanks AKamatsu,

Thanks for all your help, it worked and know I have a 6500A to play with :slight_smile:

Not a problem, and glad to hear you are working. It’s often difficult to jump into something without a direction… There’s alot of great information here, but it can be overwhelming in the beginning.

Now that you have your 6500 working, you may do a search in these forums and find a modified version of the firmware you are running that includes bitsetting +R media, if you are burning any +R this can be a good idea.

Good luck.

Hi Darcho.

I also have the NEC ND-6100A DVD drive and I would too like yo upgrade it to have the same capabilities as the 6500A-drive. But every time I try to download the software from the site I just get the error “Offsite linking is not allowed. Shame on you to try and steel our bandwidth.
Download from the original page…”. Is it possible for you to provide me a link to a place where I can download the software or can you maybe send me the files?

Thank you


Hi all,

I used ver. 2.24 when I upgraded from 6100a to 6500a. I resulted in a disk error when attempting to burn a dvd-r using DVD X Copy express. Any advise?

First of all stop crossposting and second advise is to try a different kind of discs. What brand did you use?