Guide: How to use DVDFab with ImgBurn tutorial

ImgBurn must be installed on your system before using this guide, if you don’t have ImgBurn download by clicking this Link .

Open DVDFab and go into common settings by clicking on the “Check mark” icon in the upper right corner of the title bar

and click on “Write” located on the left side to open the write settings page and select ImgBurn as the burn engine, you will want to select “Recommended” as the write speed to avoid any conflicts on the burn speeds between DVDFab and and ImgBurn.
Note…If you wish to use the verify feature make sure the feature is not selected within DVDFab’s common settings-> “Write”

now click OK to save changes and close DVDFab

Open ImgBurn and click on “Tools” located on the menu bar and select “Settings”

click on the “Build” tab and on page #2 make sure there is a check mark in the following boxes…
1)…Don’t Prompt Image Details
2)…Don’t Prompt VIDEO_TS Content
3)…Don’t Prompt Volume Label
any other boxes can stay as they are.
[ image/Build tab ]
If you wish to use the verify feature thenon the write tab in ImgBurn’s settings make sure the verify check box is selected located on page #1

To set the write/burn speed you have two options…
1.) Set the same preferred burn speed for all drives by clicking on “Tools” and select “Automatic write speed”

2.) Set different burn speed for each drive by placing a blank disc into the drive/burner, with ImgBurn open make sure your drive is selected in the target window…(lower left side)
Now on the right hand side click on the “Device” tab

Now on the very bottom right you’ll see three buttons click on the top button to open the write speed settings page.
On the lower left side under “Settings” you will see a window next to “Disc ID” which will contain the MID(Media ID) of the blank disc that you have in your drive/burner, just below that window is where you can set the burn speed for that particular MID once you enter the write speed click on the “ADD”…NOTE…each time you buy a new spindle of media you should check the MID because it can change even when using the same brand name.
the other dropdown window below is for setting a particular drive/burner if you have more then one and one of them has better results with that MID at a different write speed

When using DVD9(double layer) media you will need to manually select a layer break out of multiple choices, to get a better understanding on choosing the layer breaks please see the excellent guide created by Wombler-> Here