[GUIDE HOW TO] Remove Music Match [All Versions]

I gotten ten messages in the last month from different people on how to remove this app, I think it is time I post a Guide.

Things you will need

  • MoveOnBoot
  • A corrupt MusicMatch Player :bigsmile:

Ok First off I don’t Have MusicMatch. I used it back in 2003 to 2004 but after that I just relized how crappy the Program was.

Most People Get these types of errors.

  • Uninstall cannot be deleted
  • MusicMatch.exe cannot be deleted
  • MusicMatch is still in use cannot delete

Typical One is that the Unistall wont delete.

Other Half of the times The Unistaller wont unistall the program.

Method 1:

Getting Started

  1. You need to download and install MoveOnBoot

  2. Once You have installed MoveOnBoot start it up

  3. You should get a Screen Like this.

Select Delete Now Find your Corrupt MusicMatch Player File.
Click Next and Reboot PC.

Now Find the MusicMatch Directory. Delete whole folder. If you get a error you probably didnt shut down your pc right.

Method 2:

  1. Go to Command Prompt

  2. Find Musicmatch Directory

  3. Type del then drag and drop folder into command prompt.

  4. Now click enter

  5. Type Y for Yes to comform delete.

  6. Folder should be gone.

Method 2 doesnt work half the times. I suggest Method 1, its what worked for me.

Hope that helped.


This was great advice. Thanks for posting! I used to use MusicMatch as well until it started giving me problems like this and better players came around. (cough MediaMonkey cough)