[Guide]How to Get Lost/Deleted Contacts back on iPhone



Most iPhone users use iPhone for calling which means Contacts is one of the most important data in iPhone. iPhone and these Contacts connect us to our parents and friends. Did you accidentally delete some Contacts? Found some contacts disappear on your iPhone without any reason? If we lost those contacts someday, we will feel us isolated and the whole world collapse. This is a really horrible problem. What should we do once we meet this trouble?

Restore from iTunes Backup

If you have the habit of backing up your iPhone regularly and have iTunes backup, you could get these lost Contacts back by restore from iTunes Backup. Just connect your iPhone with computer and run iTunes, then choose “Restore Backup”.

Notes: You need to know that new data added after the backup time on your iPhone will be erased.
If you do not want to lose these new Contacts, you could use iFonebox to help you selectively transfer iTunes Contacts back to iPhone.

Restore from iCloud Backup

If you luckily have iCloud backup instead of iTunes Backup, you are able to restore Contacts from iCloud Backup.

Notes: These restore method needs you to reset your iPhone first which means you need to erase all the existed data in your iPhone.

Recover and transfer lost Contacts back to iPhone with iFonebox

If you neither have iTunes backup nor iCloud backup, you have an alternative way to recover your lost Contacts and get them back to your iPhone: iFonebox.

Tips: Once you are aware of that you lost Contacts, you’d better reduce use your iPhone because any new operation and change may rewrite the original data.

How to recover Contacts with iFonebox

1.Install and launch iFonebox, connect iPhone with your computer/Mac
2.Choose “Recover From iOS Device” as the recovery mode
3.Start scanning your iPhone
4.Go to Contact tab to check if the contacts you need are found
5.Check these wanted contacts and click “Transfer selected to device”

Free download the Contacts recovery software here:

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