Guide-How to convert DVD,AVI,MPEG,WMV,RM,RMVB,XVID etc to video ipod mp4

Nice tutorial.

Thanks :o

I banned the OP and moved this here because it sounds too much like spam. The thing that tipped me off was the part where he says, “2.We recommend that you create a new list to place the file you converted.” The only reason he would say “We” is if he was the software developer.

You’re right there :slight_smile:

A quick Google on a key-phrase from the above finds that above “Tutorial” all over the place on the net, including cross-posted across several sub-forums in some discussion forums. :Z

The tutorial’s even listed on the Cucusoft official website, so whoever posted this tutorial is either:

  1. Someone from Cucusoft spamming their tutorial (which I suspect is the case), or
  2. Someone stealing Cucusoft’s tutorial and posting it as their own

In either case, I’d recommend an IP ban.

banned both IPs to his name, no other users used it:

Looks like the IP ban didn’t help :rolleyes:

Banned elmerxu for posting the exact same thing above in the Video Edit Software forum, however this user registered under the IP, which interestingly is part of the Hewlett-Packard company (going by a lookup).

If the tutorial is good then we can place it back, free tutorial, always good :wink:

The current one is indeed spam, you see the numbers in the file name? That’s because the poster receives $ everytime someone installs this software (affiliate program) and decides to purchase it. I’ve seen on the Cucoo software website that we could do the same (thanking the user for his work and hosting the pictures :wink: ). If the tutorial is good I can clean it, replace it with our code and re-post it?

That would be a hoot…even if it is posted under the original poster’s name (with our affiliate links)…that user will not even be able to edit it even if we lift the ban…one reason to keep time time restriction on editing :smiley:

Sounds like a good idea in my opinion also :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I got a fair feeling that this person may be getting their credits through the Real player link instead.

The link above to the iPod Converter suite points to the exact same filename as on the official website (see this page) - hover your mouse over the link above and compare it against the link on the official website, both point to the same file “iPodSuit_r56510.exe”. So unless this person gets credits for each referral that appears on the Cucusoft’s webserver logs, I can’t see how this person would make credits otherwise for each download of the iPod converter suite.

However, if you hover your mouse over the Real player link above, there is a “?rppr=rnwk” at the end. :rolleyes:

Edit: Just noticed that the ‘Buy Now’ link on the official website for the above package ends in “&affiliate=56510”, so it may be the website/company itself doing the spamming.

I personally feel that it’s the company itself doing the spamming, so I’d really rather not provide more support to them by having this tutorial posted. Besides, their software is crap and anyone who buys their software should be able to see the tutorial on Cucusoft’s own website, which might lead users to believe that CDFreaks stole Cucusoft’s tutorial.