Guide: DVDFab two Split discs to DVD9



This started with another thread & I wanted to see if this could be done. It took a lot of trial & error with other software .
I hope it works with all DVDFab Split discs.
The PGCEdit & VobBlanker method just doesn’t work with DVDFab “Split” DVDs. I think the problem happens when the file being replaced in VobBlanker is smaller that the replacement.
Software used :
DVDFab Platinium
VobEdit 06
IfoEdit 0.971
TitleWriter 4.72
Start with “Split” of original DVD or rips of the D1 & D2 from the “Split” .
Create a new folder named “VobEdit” .
Copy the movie VOB files from D1 into the VobEdit folder. Except the menu VOB in the movie I’m working with
this is “VTS_03_0.VOB” .
"VTS_03_4.VOB " is just a black 56KB blank so I left it out as well.

Copy files: VTS_03_1.VOB , VTS_03_2.VOB , VTS_03_3.VOB
Rename to : VTS_01_001 , VTS_01_002 ,VTS_01_003
Copy the movie VOB files from D2 into the VobEdit folder. Except the menu VOB in the movie I’m working with
this is “VTS_03_0.VOB” . This time include the "VTS_03_4.VOB " that is just a black 56KB blank.
Rename to : VTS_01_004 , VTS_01_005 ,VTS_01_006 , VTS_01_007
Open VobEdit. Open VTS_01_001.VOB.
Using the Edit pulldown select “Join Clips” .
Select : VTS_01_001.VOB
Save in a new folder Named: “Join Clips” .
This small window will come up:
It should have a 1 in it. Select OK .

When finished I had VTS_01_1.VOB , VTS_01_2.VOB , VTS_01_3.VOB , VTS_01_4.VOB , VTS_01_5.VOB , &
VTS_01_6.VOB in the "Join Clips "folder . Depending on the size of the movie you may have more VOBs. The
first 5 are 1GB with 6 smaller.
Close VobEdit.
Open IfoEdit. . Select “Create IFOs”.
Browse to "Joined Clips folder select VTS_01_1.VOB .
It should look like this:

Select “OK” .
It’s time to set the default language for the audio. I have to do both VIDEO_TS.IFO and VTS_01_0.IFO For the
VIDEO_TS.IFO, (1) click VIDEO_TS.IFO in IfoEdit, (2) double-click on the Audio, (3) select the language as English,
(4) press OK, (5) and click Save and click Yes when IfoEdit asks about saving BUP and file overwriting.
Do the same as above except this time select the VTS_01_0.IFO .
See the screenshot:

Quit IfoEdit .
Open IfoEdit again . This is necessary even if it doesn’t seem like it.
Open VTS_01_0.IFO. Click VOB Extras, make sure a to check only the options showed on the screenshot below.
Create a new folder name it “Mock Strip” and browse to the Destination directory select the “Mock Strip” folder.
Create a new VIDEO_TS folder inside the “Mock Strip” folder. That will be the destination.
See the screenshot:

Pressing OK will open the first Stream List which lists the existing audio and subpictures or subtitles. Press (1)
Check All and then (2) Strip it buttons. See the screenshot:

When the second Stream List which lists the VOB IDs appears, just press (1) Check All and (2) Strip it buttons
again, and close IfoEdit after the process finishes. See the screenshot:

When VobExtras has finished processing the VOBs quit IfoEdit.
Open the “MockStrip” VIDEO_TS folder.
You now need to Rename some files to match the names of the original movie IFO ,BUP & VOB files.
You will have more VOB files than in the Split D1 folder.
In the movie I’m working with these are VTS_03_n .
I Rename :
VTS_01_0.BUP to VTS_03_0.BUP
VTS_01_0.IFO to VTS_03_0.IFO
VTS_01_0.VOB to VTS_03_0.VOB
& so on.
Copy & Paste a second copy of the Split/D1/VIDEO_TS folder to a folder named “Full Disc”
Copy & Paste the Renamed files from the “MockStrip” VIDEO_TS folder to the “Full Disc”/D1/VIDEO_TS folder.
Open TitleWriter.
Open the “Full Disc”/D1/VIDEO_TS folder. Don’t backup the Menu files when it asks.
Go to the “DVD Menus” pulldown. Select " Remove all menus from compilation" the “Yes”.
Double click on " Vts_Title 00 (Video_ts) – No Menu Selected:" then Select the Split/D1/VIDEO_TS( your original
split D1).
Double click on:
Select the “Menu” VOB in this movie it is VTS_03_0.VOB .
See Screenshot:

Make sure “Add selected menus to compilation” & " Start Play with Root Menu in VTS_01 are checked.
" Select “Save Changes”
Select “Yes” when ask if you “Text for Dvd Volume Name Unchanged Continue Saving Changes?” .
If you want to Name the DVD volume Title Writer has the ability . Do that before you “Save Changes”.
It can also get rid of the warnings but I didn’t this time to keep it simple.
Tested with VLC & every button seemed to work.


The “Menu” added in with TitleWriter didn’t work correctly for some of the buttons .
Those buttons were :
The "Scene Selections " (Chapters) menu . The buttons didn’t go to the correct “Chapter” ( didn’t match the original menu of the two “Split” discs.)
The “Special Features” “Multi-Angle Stunts” would only go to the first angle no matter which angle was selected. Also it wouldn’t return to the “Multi-Angle Stunts” menu .
You had to return to the main menu .
[B] There are some instructions changed for the Renamed files from the “MockStrip” folder . This was due to a subtitle color problem after the Copy & Paste.
This is also covered in the next post.
So follow the method above until you get to the TitleWriter instructions. Skip those & proceed with those in the next post. [/B]


You now need to correct the subtitle color. ( Mine were fuzzy & green after the Copy & Paste" of the

“MockStrip” files below .
This is how:
Open the original IFO file ( VTS_03_0.IFO) in IfoEdit, select VTS_PGCITI then VTS_PGC_1. Press Subtitle Color on

the toolbar and then click “Copy Colors from this PGC". Without closing IfoEdit, open the new IFO ( the one in

the “MockStrip” folder). Select VTS_PGCITI and then VTS_PGC_1. Press Subtitle Color and then click “Paste

Colors to this PGC”. Click Save. That should restore the original sub colors.

Copy & Paste a second copy of the Split/D1/VIDEO_TS folder to a folder named "Full Disc"
After copy delete all VTS_03_n files in the "“Full Disc”/D1folder.

Copy & Paste the file with the Renamed files from the “MockStrip” VIDEO_TS folder to the “Full Disc”/D1folder.

Next open the D1 folder with PGCEdit. .
Right click on VMG , First Play PGC .Using the “Menu” pulldown . "Remove Menu " from each title.
Right click on each VTST n.n TTN1 Title . Using the “Menu” pulldown . "Remove Menu " from each title.
Once all menus have been removed “Import Menu” for the VMG & each title from the “Original” D1 that you ripped with DVDFab . ( You import the .ifo numbered to match the title ).
“Import” the .VOB file when asked.
When one with "Angles " comes up I selected "Show angle 1"
After the import finishes select “Save DVD”

Highlight the (Main Movie usually the longest Title) VTST n.n TTN1 Title 1.
Use “Title” pulldown “Rebuild timemaps of current VTS” at this time.
Double click on the highlighted (Main Movie usually the longest Title) VTST n.n TTN1 Title 1 .
This will bring up the PGC Editor & a “Warning”. That the time still doesn’t match .With the option to “Fix it”.
Select Yes. (The time of the movie I’m working with was only off by 1.18 second ) .

"Save DVD"
For this movie the number of Chapters changed from 28 to 39. Some of these don’t work when tested & will be deleted later. These were 29 - 39.
"Save DVD"
The menu is correct except for the "Scene Selections " (Chapters) . They are correct on the menu imported but not after the import : I don’t know why.
Title pulldown/PTT (Chapter) editor.
Open original D1 in one instance of VLC player.
Open the “Full Disc”/D1 in one instance of VLC player.
Toggle back & forth veiwing the scene selections & change program numbers PG & (Save DVD) until they match.
This takes some time but is the only way I found to do it. D1 will only work to half of the"Scene Selections "(Chapters). Once these are correct:
Open original D2 in one instance of VLC player.
Repeat as above for the second half of the "Scene Selections " (Chapters).
Once done with this I removed Chapters 29 - 35 I had left in .These just selected earlier chapters. “Save DVD”.
Do not use this on this movie: “Recreate sequential PTT table (One PTT per PG)” button.

Some FBI & other warnings that DVDFab had removed showed back up during the process .
I removed with this process:
click File/Open DVD, select your DVD folder, and click OK. Then enable the Trace Mode in the Trace menu.
Click on the “up arrow” button , this will reset the “virtual” DVD player in PgcEdit. It is the equivalent of opening and closing the tray in a standalone player. <> Setup your video-preview options. . In the trace panel, click the Setup menu, and the Preview options submenu. Check " Show played cells in preview ? "
Now click the “Next PB” (next playback) button .
This will start the virtual player running (you will see the cursor highlight successive PGCs, jumping from place to place according to the PGC commands). These PGCs are PGCs with empty cells (video) associated with them.
Soon the player will stop running, because it encountered a PGC with some video in it.
You can see that the video material has no buttons (0b.). This is important: the fact that the PGC’s cell(s) has no button means we can skip the video without messing things up. If the PGC indicates buttons, we can’t kill it,
Now you can preview what’s in this video: hit the " ` " key (the one right below the Esc key). This will launch the video previewer on the current PGC.
In this case, the PGC contains 3 cells, one with a FBI warning, another with a warning and a black final one. So we can skip it…
Kill playback on that PGC. Click the “Kill PGC Playback” button in the tool bar.
A message will popup:

This bypasses the playback of the cell(s) in the PGC & also marks the PGC as having no cells/programs. Click “No” for now.
Now we can select the “Next PB” button againwhich will get us to the next non-empty PGC, and repeat as above if there are no buttons, kill PGC playback.
Eventually, we’ll get to a PGC that does have buttons, the first menu you’d see in a DVD player, unless the DVD was setup to play the movie right away.
When the “Main Menu” comes up it will show to have buttons . Don’t kill playback it.
Select the “Next PB” button again
You should be viewing the “Main Menu” .
Click on the button that corresponds to “Play Movie” and click Select. Playback will resume and stop at PGC of the next video displayed.
On this movie it is the “Parental guide” . “Close Preveiw” then Kill Playback again.
Select the “Next PB” button again.
Select the " ` " key again to preview. This time the FBI warnings came up.
“Close Preveiw” then Kill Playback again.
Repeat as above killing all “No Button” screens.
Eventually you will come to the movie. Don’t Kill Playback it !
I had some “black” screens after the “Main Movie” I decided not to Kill Playback on those . If they were
"warnings" or anything I didn’t want I would have.

The “Special Features” “Multi-Angle Stunts” that didn’t work correctly with the “TitleWriter” added Menu & movie now works. There is a difference in that Chapter forward starts the movie instead of the “Multi-Angle Stunts” Menu when selected while playing an angle. Chapter backward does nothing on either the angle on the original or created movie. .
The “Original” goes to the “Multi-Angle Stunts” menu when Chapter forward is used.
To correct this use PGCEdit “Trace Mode” .
Open two instances of PGCEdit.
One with Full Disc"/D1.
One with original D1 .
Carefully compare differences in the “Special Effects” menu . In my case the was the “Multi-Angle Stunts” .
Use “Step” for a slow compare or “Run” if you know there are no differences in a specific menu.

Use “Select & Break” when a Menu screen comes up.
Everything else in “Special Effects” worked correctly.
I didn’t make a copy of the changes because this will be different for another movie.
When I found a difference I copied it with the right click menu in PGCEdit from the “original D1”.
Then pasted it in the Full Disc"/D1 in the same location.

Test with “Trace Mode” till both work the same.
Save DVD.
Now test with VLC player to check.

Under DVD pulldown . Don’t just select “Remove useless stuff” it will run the don’t use below if all are checked.
You can run “Remove useless stuff” if you uncheck those two.
When the “Menu Buttons” windows come up Select “Kill Playback” or “Cancel” which ever works best.
I used “Kill Playback” on this movie & it worked correctly, That may not be the case with all movies .
I tested & ran those listed as OK.
OK to use :
Delete all dead commands
Delete all dead menu buttons
Delete all NOPs
Delete all Unrefferenced cell commands
Delete Uncalled title sets (Fast)
Delete Uncalled PGCs
Remove useless Menu Vobs

Don’t use :
Clear useless set GPRM commands
Clear jumps to void PGCs

I don’t have any dual layer RWs & I didn’t want to waste a DL R for a test . So I compressed the movie with DVDFab to DVD-5 to test the menu on my standalones. The menus now work correctly from my standalones . Even better than the original becaue the “Warnings” & other unwanted stuff has been removed.
If any of this is too confusing I will try to explain.

[B] Also a Big Thanks to those that wrote Guides I borrowed from.
And those that authored & made available the “Freeware” I used.[/B]


This process takes a while to do. I tried it from the beginning on the movie I had been testing with. So I knew what problems I would encounter & where they would be. I’m sure this sped things up over a movie I hadn’t worked with.
My computer is an average dual core . I’m sure with a processor like Sandy bridge it would be faster. A lot of the time is waiting for each process to complete .
[B] It took me 2 hours & 18 minutes. [/B]


Well done cholla! :iagree:

You got there in the end.

As I said at the start you’d think this sort of thing would be simple but it’s not. :wink:



I decided to test IdealDVDCopy( evaluation) to “Split” a DVD-9 .
I then used the procedure above to “Merge” the two DVD-5s of the “Split” back together.
When compared the D1 & D2 from IdealDVDCopy had differences from DVDFab.s “Split”.
I expected this & actually hoped they would to give the test a better try.
They worked fine after being "Merged " back together.