Guide: DVDFab Common Settings FAQ & Tips

This DVDFab guide contains screen shots of all available settings pages which are placed in order under their relevant category with a brief description of each of the setting found on the corresponding settings page, use this guide as a FAQ overview as it will most likely answer many questions you might have on DVDFab.

I have also added a “Tip Box” just under some settings these tip boxes contain only suggestions and in some tip boxes you may find a link to another guide or helpful information that has helped many users/members, You can discuss and post comments or give a suggestion on this DVDFab guide -> Here.

DVDFab common settings has 6 categories, if you want to look at a certain category you can access it by clicking on that particular category that is listed below.

[li] Info
[/li][li] General
[/li][li] DVD/Blue Ray
[/li][li] DVD Copy
[/li][li] Blue Ray Copy
[/li][li] DVD/Blu-ray Ripper
[li] Ripper UI and available settings

Access Common Setings by clicking on the check mark icon in upper right corner of the DVDFab titlebar.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Info

Each settings page contains two sections on the left you have a tree view of all categories and their available settings pages, on the right is where information and available settings are displayed.

When you insert a disc into your drive the information contained within the structure of the DVD/Blu-ray disc or video file on your hard drive is displayed on the right as shown in the image above.

Just above the information area you have a source drop down box that displays the file location that contains the data displayed below in the information area, you also have two buttons just to the right of the source drop box and they are.

Save Info files: This button allows you to save all data within the information area to your hard drive, this log file can then be posted in a reply to either tech support or another member during a help session.

Send Info files: This button is used to send all necessary information required by the tech support at Fengtao software Inc.