Guide: Copying DVD movies with Dummy Sectors

!!! Guide To Copy DVD Movies !!!

Copying Movies from DVD has always been a lick but we keep facing different kinds of problem. There are various software’s like DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter etc with which we can actually copy our DVD’s to our HDD even if there is a copy protection lock. There are software’s like AnyDVD which are specifically developed just to break the copy protection in DVD’s.

But even then we do face problems some times in copying DVD as we get errors like “Un-recovered Read Error” or “Data cannot be read” etc. This is because companies making DVD movies insert many Dummy Sectors in their DVD’s which do not cause any problem while watching the movie but creates a hell lot of problem while copying them. As these areas are blank, you don’t miss any part of the movie when you just want to watch the them.

After giving a lot of time to this and trying a huge lot of software’s, I finally found a combination of 4 software’s with which one can copy EACH & EVERY DVD-MOVIE to their HDD, WITHOUT FAIL… Now, don’t panic seeing that you will have to use four software’s… They all work as a team and you don’t have to worry to launch each one individually.

I know it pains when you have to pay for even one software from your pocket and here we are talking about 4 software’s. Don’t worry, the best part of this is that all these four software’s are FREEWARE, so you wont have to shed a single paise from your pocket.

Before starting, its my duty to tell you that backing up your DVD Movies for storage is legal but distribution of a copied DVD is illegal and I am not responsible for any such thing.

Software’s Needed : (I have uploaded all the four software’s for your convenience and you can download by clicking on the name of the software)

DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink

Procedure :

  1. Install DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter. The rest two software’s do not need an installation as you can work with them directly. Mind you that you will need all the four software’s to successfully copy DVD’s.

  2. Insert the DVD that you want to copy to you HDD (needless to mention that you should have optimum space in your HDD to accommodate your movies). Start DVD Shrink and let it analyze your DVD to check if there are any blank cells on the DVD which it cant read. If it finds any, it will give you an error saying that “Data error (cyclic redundancycheck)” and if it doesn’t find any, find yourself to be very lucky as you wont have to use any other software. Simply copy the movie with DVD Shrink. Incase if you are not aware how to work with DVD- Shrink, please visit for a detailed guide on the same.

  3. Incase if you are unlucky and face a data error, Start RipIt4Me and click on Wizard Mode

  1. Select your DVD Drive in which you have placed the Movie disk and then select the target where you want to copy the movie. Lastly, press “Next

  1. Click on “Create PSL

  1. Check the “Rip Just The Movie” and then click on “Rip DVD

  1. As soon as you press “Rip DVD”, DVD Decrypter automatically starts. Select all the files shown in the list if you want to copy the whole disk. Incase if you have a multi movie DVD and you don’t want to copy the whole disk but a particular movie, select “VIDEO_TS.IFO”, “VIDEO_TS.VOB”, “VIDEO_TS.BUP” followed by selecting all “IFO” files. Now select the “vob” and “bup” files of the movie that you want to copy (To select multiple files, keep “Ctrl” pressed while selecting those files). Lastly press the “Decrypt” button to start the copying/decrypting process…

Note: Although we are using DVD Decrypter to copy the movie, it cannot detect the dummy sectors of its own. Here comes the role of RipIt4Me. So incase if you are thinking of using DVD Decrypter directly without RipIt4Me, be sure that you will get a Data Read Error.

  1. As you can see in the log below, DVD Decryptor along with RipIt4Me has found many Dummy Sectors where other software’s used to fail.

  1. After the extraction process is complete, press “Do It” to remove the protected cells…

  1. Pressing “Do It” will remove the protected cells and open the next dialog for you. Here all you have to do is open try to open the extracted movie through DVD Shrink by pressing the button “Open With DVD Shrink”. As soon as you press this button, the analysis process in DVD Shrink starts automatically. If the analysis process is successful, you are through. Follow the DVD Shrink guide to copy or shrink the movie to some other location. Incase if the analysis fails again, press the “Process With FixVTS” button which will process your movie again and remove all the unwanted dummy sectors that the movie contains. After this, press “Open With DVD Shrink” again and be sure that the analysis process will be successful this time.

Note: Do not press “Done” till the time you have copied the movie with DVD Shrink to some other location. Doing so will again make the movie unreadable as the dummy sectors those were marked by this software will be unmarked again.


I have tried my best to explain the whole process in the simplest way possible. Please let me know if there are any mistakes in the process as I am no expert. Its just with trial and error method that I have reached with this tutorial.

I hope this helps you guys. Your comments are very valuable…So, keep posting them…

Thank you.

or you could as easily use 1 click mode and let it do it all for you (as it suggests 1 click)

Exactly, but with the one click mode, you cannot choose a particular movie if you are copying from a multi movie DVD.