Guidance Needed For TY Disc Quality



Helo Everyone,
Searched Hard And At Last Determined The Best Quality Media Is TY Branded Discs.I’m Going To Order TY Branded Fuji-100-Pack 16x DVD+R Disc Spindle 25302281 Available In Bestbuy.comDirect Link.R They Good Enough?R They Real Taiyo Yuden Braded Disc?
If I Have To Pick Up From Europian Country Which TY Branded(High Quality)Disc Should I Pick?
Thanking U In Advance,
Subhasis Bose


Thats an 8x TY spindle - you will probably get Prodisc R05 or Ritek F16 for those discs. There’s nothing to say they’re TY on the website either.


Thanks For Ur Reply.But On Their Wesite It Seems To Be A 16X Printed.I Prefer The Slowest One.R U Sure?According To This Website Ritek And Prodisc R The Second Class Media In Their Category.I Want Only TY Branded Original Discs Those Which Should To Be The 1st Class.


I don’t agree with that website there, I’d class Ritek’s DVD media a bit lower than second class :slight_smile:

Where are you located? We can give better recommendations of places to shop.


Well I’m From India.But One Of My Cousin Works In Shipping Industry.He’s Moving Out On 31st.His Possible Destinations R US/Europe.Tht’s Why I’m Asked For The Suitable Locations In Europe Also.


What about Plextor branded 16x Taiyo Yuden DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) from SVP in the U.K.?

Or Verbatim branded 16x Taiyo Yuden DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) also from SVP in the U.K.?
I don’t know if the Verbatim branded ones are 1st class however.


Ah, OK. in the US has a great reputation here.

Edit: or Drage’s suggestion is an excellent one :iagree:


I assume that you are from the US as you use :slight_smile:
Many CD Freaks users prefer ordering their Taiyo Yuden discs from
EDIT: [B]Arachne[/B] beat me by a minute.

If you want the most genuine discs, the best choice would be getting That’s brand discs (That’s is Taiyo Yuden’s own brand), which can only bought in Greece, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

If you want to buy Taiyo Yuden media in Europe, keep in mind that That’s media is not widely available outside of Greece, and many Greek online shops do not ship even to other European countries. :frowning:


Drage beat me, so don’t feel too bad :bigsmile:


I think Ritek +r 16x discs can be quite good. Want to try some to find out :bigsmile:


Well Thanks a lot Buddies For All Ur Valuable Guidance.After Doing a Bit Search I Stuck Wth DrageMester’s Suggestion.But Let Me Search A Bit More.Abt I’m A Bit Confused.There R Lots Of TY Branded Discs In Their List.They All Might Have Printable Surface.But I Like The Non-Printable One.I Don’t Even Want To Printing Stuff On The Disc Surface.If I Deal Wth Pls Specify The Non Printable TY Branded Discs.