GUI for DVD Author (GFD) 'Freezes'

I use GFD to author DVDs from my Hauppauge PVR on my laptop. The flow is Hauppauge MPEG2 -> PVA Strumento (to demux) -> GFD to author, using ‘Visual Chapter Editor’ to add chapter marks at the beginning of each video segment (thus eliminating the commercials). The problem occurs in the last 20 to 120 seconds of each title. The picture will freeze ( the DVDplayer bitrate counter drops to zero) and the sound continues. It’s not the media (even happens with Verb) or the amount on the disk (most disks are two titles with 90 minute total run time). Any suggestions at what to look at or try?

Try by using Mpeg Streamclip to remove commercials then demux,not sure about PVA strumento but try ProjectX or DGIndex> HCEnc>, then author , I’d try DVDAuthorGUI, I’ve had better results with that… good luck

Problem solved. Using MuxMan instead of DVD Author (same GUI). Seems to like my video a bit better.