Guests vs Members



This just caught my eye, but there are currently 64 members logged in and 1862 guests. Is that a normal ratio for cdfreaks?

Seems like we’ve got a lot of window shoppers but no one wants to join in. :frowning:

Beginning to feel like the wallflower at the dance.


Dang, tough crowd tonight. Here I am in a chatty mood and nobody wants to play.

Ok, let me put it another way. What makes an internet site so compelling that you want to join in? Is it just the subject? The level of expertise? Or something less tangible even than those?

I’ve joined eight or nine different sites over the past few years, but have drifted away from all but a few. Cdfreaks and arstechnica blow me away sometimes with the level of knowledge. I come in to learn as much as I can, but they also have forums that are comfortable to be in. I think that is part of the draw.

Another part may be the consistently friendly attitude towards newbies. People around here seem to go a long way out of their way to help when they can.

So, what draws you in and keeps you in?


Cats :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry. I’m rearranging my sock drawer tonight. :wink:


I’m sleeping.


DANG! You get a drawer for your socks?
I have to make a kind of pyramid on top of a cupboard with mine :doh:


If your wife’s like mine …we have 3 dressers and she has 2 of them filled with her stuff. The one i have (the smallest naturally :wink: ) has socks,boxers,and shorts together in the same drawer :doh: My wife has soooooooo many clothes and shoes it’s not funny. I’m sure the married men here know what i’m talking about :rolleyes: Hope our guests here like my story :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys kinda suck :wink:

And I really need a raspberry emoticon for this post. THBBBBBP!


No no, really, I was kinda wondering if we all posted a picture of our sock drawers or arrangements…well, if it would attract more members…? :doh:

Would it be a revenue getter?
What does it take to get the guests on board?

We´ve got everything :o :iagree:


Probably not pictures of socks :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL! :bigsmile:


The pope gets lots of visitors because he’s so holy. I’m sure if everyone on CDFreaks posted pictures of their socks, we’d be more popular than the pope!

Then CDFreaks can point, and laugh, at the pope, with a “We’re Holier than Thou” attitude :wink:


Yup. Sure do. After 6 years of the Bush administration, I’m what’s known as the priveledged. Of course, my sock drawer is made of cardboard, but it’s handmade. And I used imported duct tape. :wink:


alot of those, no idea of what percent, but I would assume a ton are spambots.


I thought spambots were virtual, and didn’t actually weight anything, but if you insist.

I believe the guests are really just Anti-Social normal people with low self esteem, snf don’t feel they have anything to contribute to the forum, so don’t join.


That may be true also, if so, it is a shame that people are like that, as everyone has an opinion and a thought.

Who knows, it may be the cyber cops army coming to get you Debro! hehehe


Dear god!
It’s like 1984 all over again!


How did you outwitt the cyber cops in 1984???

On second thoughts… I probably don’t want to know… :stuck_out_tongue:



That is a very Orwellian question-eh?


I try my best :slight_smile: Wait a minute i don’t suck or blow :doh: