Guess this forum is working fine

Well how do you feel today? :wink:


Think that is a good word to describe the way I feel now, how about yourself?

Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, the addiction kicking in again, you feel the rest of your life slip away and getting all warm inside by even thinking about this forum?

There is only one site, there is only one forum, there is only one crew:
C D F R E A K S C R E W !!!

Great work guys!

And the Club CD Freaks logo is back as well…

can feel the warmth of that burning sun on my face…

As we Dutch would say:
“Zwitserleven gevoel” :wink:

Now i’ll have to boost up my english again, since i’ve not spoken much lately

now cdfreaks is reaaaaaaaaly back.

it’s good to know thta the forum is back up again…thnx to PHPMarcel

Good work

great job, cd-freaks!!!

it’s back and it’s still kicking ass

Hope to see all you guys back on the forums soon! Let’s make this a busy happy place again!

i agree ! :smiley:

glad to be back! it’s about time, but i’m still here, and RNG is still here, and BTB is still here… so let’s have a party!!!

and i’ll have to start working on my Dutch again :wink:

CDfreaks rox BIGtime!!! :wink: (glad 2 have U back!: ThanX Crew!!)