Guess the Media ID

I searched but I couldn’t found an already existing topic here. So why not make one? (maybe make one with Guess the burner used too?)
A simple game: someone posts a quality scan photo (CD-DVD Speed / etc.) with blurred/removed MID, and everyone posts a guess on what the MID is.

You can’t change your answer and/or make multiple posts with different guesses.
Once someone wrote correctly, the image poster should say who won. The winner then posts a new picture. (also, if you won, please PM me with the link to the post where you were announced as winner so that I can add you on the list as winner, score list)
You can talk about why it can or can not be that MID that you or someone else wrote, this way this topic can be useful for others to learn, from discussions. The image poster can give clues from time to time, like "Media ID starts with “T” ". Also post the burner used and speed (if overspeeded please say so, so people can know that it isn’t how it usually looks like). (also if you write a guess say “fake TYG02” for example if you think it’s fake one, not just “TYG02”)

Unfortunately, my LiteOn drive isn’t working so I can’t scan any disc, so anyone can start (I don’t want to post an already posted picture, because it would be easy to check my profile and find the MID). So, who’s first?

TDK LOL:bigsmile:

Can anyone start please?

[QUOTE=cristyro;2701046]Can anyone start please?[/QUOTE]I have no idea how anyone could possibly do anything but make a wild guess, but here you go.

Hmm… based on those values I would guess [B]Verbatim[/B] ATIP? Typical good results. Also the PIE graph, PIE total count , varying jitter and 9.5% jitter max. I don’t know why, but it just looks like a Verb for me. That burner also has similar results for Verbatim CD-R photos on its results thread here on the forums.

P.S. After I wrote that I looked at your profile. I hope they’re not Maxell like the last ones you posted in the forums as that would be too easy to guess knowing you just used them recently. Just saying, everyone please try to post something hard to recognize and not already posted by yourself a short time ago. (I’m not saying they’re Maxell, but just in case I thought to write this P.S.) Also, this is just for fun, of course no one can surely know the answer, it’s about guesses (maybe a bit more than just guess, if you know how the burner used writes some media or you recognize the error spikes or something like that specific to a media, but it’s hard and you must be a pro to know so much).

Nope, it is not a Verbatim. Also not a Hitachi Maxell.

Here’s a “hint”. Another scan of the same disc in another drive.

taiyo yuden ?

[QUOTE=marcus_667;2701075]taiyo yuden ?[/QUOTE]No, the disc was not made in Japan.

well this games crap theres so many mid’s etc


[QUOTE=marcus_667;2701079]well this games crap theres so many mid’s etc[/QUOTE]Yeah, it seems a bit like playing the lottery.

[QUOTE=kagula323;2701082]CMC ?[/QUOTE]And we have our first winner! :iagree: It’s a HP 48x CD-R from about 10 years ago made by CMC Magnetics.

You’re up!

Or was someone supposed to guess the specific ATIP?

Guess the mids :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

[QUOTE=marcus_667;2701097]Guess the mids :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:[/QUOTE]
Memowreck? :bigsmile:

Yes, it’s about ATIP. Now the winner, please post a picture of a quality scan.

[QUOTE=marcus_667;2701097]Guess the mids :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Looking at the colour of those Memorex discs, I’d say Ritek, produced using cyanine dye before 2004 I think? :slight_smile:

Unless I’m completely missing the point :doh: