Guess my password



why are you shouting at us??:smiley:


or maybe

°¤~§åvë §åñ±å ±hë ±rîp. ßë ñåugh±ÿ~¤°

Can I guess too?

I’ll bet if I do, I will be right and you will be wrong


theres a difference between guessing and telling us what it is. Guessing implies that you do not know the answer. Telling us implies that you know it or know how to get the answer. Its a sure thing.:slight_smile:


Hmmm… maybe i should start a new thread called :
“Hi people tell me your passwords” or “What is your favorite password” and stuff like that.

That would be very interesting :wink:

good thought - kind of a darwinian test for the cdfreak community. if you post and leave your password - you are better off not having an account? takes under advisement

please change it tax, just leave me an email with the new one :wink: - i cant think of a new one

The passwords on this forum are stored encrypted.
Even admins cannot see a user’s password in the VBB backend…

All they can do is set a new one…

Knowing Taxie’s creativity when it comes to passwords, he’ll probably come up with a Dutch word that doesn’t make sense to 99.9% of the world’s population…as do a lot of his posts :bigsmile:

Originally posted by ckin2001
please change it tax, just leave me an email with the new one :wink: - i cant think of a new one

If you are serious, contact me and this will be arranged

Originally posted by ckin2001

Hmmm… how about ‘iamavirgin’??

Originally posted by iamrocket

Hmmm… how about ‘iamavirgin’??

by choice :wink:


How bout Im a freak for a password

Most Passwords I’ve used (or still use) are based on the name of the girlfriend I was with when I needed a Password. (not very original :p)
But to make it more difficult, I add the girl’s bra size :slight_smile:

eg: JillC80 is one of my “retired” passwords :slight_smile: (european sizes :p)

It used to be a pretty safe system, cause I had to change the password about every month… :wink: :o
But now I’m with the same girl for about 1,5 year, so I’m looking for a better system :slight_smile: